The Main Reason Most People Give up on Love Manifestation!

I’m really surprised at how I didn’t share this important law of attraction principle with all of you!

Although this blog post talks about it in a way, it’s still not explained clearly.

Contradictory Evidence

One reason many people give up on using the law of attraction to manifest love is that they’re not aware of this principle.

Contradictory evidence is basically when you meet people or see things in your reality that are the complete opposite of what you’re manifesting. And this happens to anyone who uses the law of attraction to manifest love.

Let me give you some examples.

Since I’m manifesting someone who is a non-smoker, I constantly encounter smokers when I’m out and about. And this is the law of attraction working for me and the Universe telling me that my manifestation is working!

Of course most people who aren’t aware of this LOA principle will get disappointed that their manifesting isn’t working. They will immediately think that seeing profiles who are the total opposite of what they want in a partner is evidence that their manifesting isn’t happening. Guess what? It’s actually the other way around!

Don’t Give Up on Love

Another good example of this law of attraction principle also comes from my personal life. Because the trait of being life-smart and wise is a must-have for me, I always see people (random strangers) who are behaving in a way that shows that they’re not life-smart at all!

Instead of feeling disappointed or frustrated, I actually get excited because I know that this means that my person is on their way to me!

This law of attraction principle is really cool once you understand it and know about it.

Now tell me, do you encounter contradictory evidence in your daily life about your desire? If so, what are some examples?


give up on love

The main reason that people give up on love manjfestation

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