Find Your Inner Calmness: The Key to Peaceful Living

Last Monday, I wrote about how vibration and energy impacts manifesting a relationship. You can read that post here.

In that post, I shared an example from my own life and how I’m considering moving to another country for some time of the year.

If you’re experiencing a similar situation where you feel like you don’t belong where you live. Or you face daily incidents that make you feel frustrated or down, then I have another solution for you if you can’t move countries.

Peaceful living when we can’t change our situation

Like I said in Monday’s post, living in a fast-paced city has its downsides. Especially for an empath like me. The city’s frantic energy is unavoidable and it transfers to my energy body. I’ve always dreamt of living in an island and I think it’s time for me to turn that dream into a reality.

But apart from that big decision, let me share with you what else you can do when you’re in a situation that you can’t do anything about. Let’s say that you have kids or family that you can’t stay away from.

Let me share another example from my life on this. Since the city’s vibe is hectic and causes stress and anxiety, I thought of ways to spend more days at home. Of course, staying at home for the day guarantees that I won’t be picking up any foreign entities or negative energy. The problem with that scenario is that it’s not doable.

Although I can write and do my own thing from home, I have to leave my place almost daily for various reasons. This week, I have to leave my place every single day of the week! Whether it’s for a salon appointment, grocery shopping, an IV drip session or a simple trip to the mall, there’s always something that has to be done.

And even when I try my best to spend my day at home, it simply doesn’t work. Soon, I will also start going to a gym to train. So this will be three times a week.

Acceptance is key

When you find yourself in a situation that you can’t change or avoid at all, then you must accept it. Of course this doesn’t apply to staying in abusive relationships but it’s a general rule to live a peaceful life.

So instead of fighting and resisting the fact that I have to step out of my place each day, I accept it and I try to make it enjoyable.

Let’s take Monday for example, I visited a salon for a keratin treatment consultation. After the quick meeting with the stylist, I headed to a cafe which I wanted to check out for a long time. I was disappointed because the place was so misaligned – I wrote about the experience on Monday. And then I went grocery shopping (an activity that brings me joy).

The point is that when you can’t change a certain life situation, find ways to work around it and make it more bearable.

Another thing that I try to do these days is to make my trips outside of the home shorter. Since I like to allocate the different activities over many days, I can make the trip shorter and this gives me more time and freedom for the rest of the day.

This new routine is still a work in progress and I’m excited to try it out when I start training at the gym.

Basically, when I have an errand to run or an appointment to go to, I try my best to keep it short. This way, I can go back home early and continue with my day in a more peaceful way.

Focusing on Your Schedule

Another example of a situation that I’m forced to accept is my noisy neighbors. Since they have a toddler – who screams and cries most of the day – I have no choice but to accept that they are there.

Focusing on my own schedule and stepping outside each day helps. But moving away for six months a year will be a great way to deal with the situation.

What circumstances in your life do you find yourself resisting? How can you start accepting them and working around them?


peaceful living

Peaceful living

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