The Insecure Girl’s Guide to Manifesting True Love

It’s been a while since my last blog post – you can read it here.

I wrote my first blog post from Bali on the Soul Collective blog. You can read it here.

Many beautiful synchronicities and manifestations have been showing up since I moved here last week! It’s been less than a week only since I got here. But life in Bali flows with so much ease and synchronicity.

Today’s blog post shares the latest news about my Ebook: The Insecure Girl’s Guide to Manifesting True Love.

The book is now ready for publishing after I spent the last couple of months working with a great designer.

I’ll be putting the Ebook on the site very soon, and you can get your copy directly from my website.

I also plan to publish it on another independent platform. And I can share news about that once it’s ready on the other site.

For now, I want to leave you with the most essential piece of advice, and that’s: Always follow your intuition.

My intuition helped me make this big move to Bali, which guides my daily life decisions – big and small.

Leaving you now, but I’ll be more active with daily blog posts from Bali.



Manifesting True Love

Manifesting True Love


Manifestation Ebook


Manifesting True Love

Manifestation Ebook

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