Listening to your Intuition is Important. Here’s Why.

I was taking a break from blogging and being active on social media and it felt great.

Everything happened so intuitively. First, I got sick and then I kept seeing and hearing messages that I needed to rest.

So I decided to follow these signs and I took an intentional break from work. What happened next was magical.

I basically set the intention for this break to allow the messages to come in about my soulmate manifestation.

Since slowing things down, I’ve been getting vivid dreams and all sorts of powerful messages in my sleep.

Towards the end of my intentional break, I heard something on a podcast show related to manifesting that made total sense!

It was basically describing the different stages of manifesting and I realized that I’m at the last stage!

I’m so excited to share with you these basic law of attraction steps that not everyone knows about.

So I’ll be doing a two-part training on my Instagram stories starting this Saturday, January 9.

You don’t want to miss it, especially if you’re working on manifesting big stuff like a home, a new career or a partner.

So today, I encourage you to tune into your intuition and follow its guidance.

Listening to your intuition can really change your life for the better.

This can be by setting an intention for something specific, meditating more or simply following what your gut is telling you.

I have a blog post dedicated to this topic and I share practical tips to re-activate your intuition.

This season is actually the perfect time to develop your intuition and start following its voice. So start now!

I’ll keep this blog post short and I’ll speak to you on Saturday on my Instagram stories!


Listening to your intuition

Tuning into your intuition

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