Surrendering to the Flow of Life: Letting Go of Resistance

Many things happened since I wrote this blog post about attracting like-minded people in my life.

After hosting 13 events as a social Meetup group organizer, I stopped.

I created a Meetup group focused on soul and jazz music in February, organizing 13 enjoyable events. Attendees became regulars, drawn by the vibrant atmosphere, captivating music, and the connections formed during our gatherings.

I felt great because I was going out again and living life to the fullest. That was the purpose of creating the group, anyway.

I wanted to live my best life and tune into the energy and state of being the person who has my dream life and partner.

Well, things change. The last event I hosted (a great deal) had zero RSVPs. I decided to go anyway. And it wasn’t only a sushi event, I was planning to go to another venue for ladies’ night drinks after dinner.

So I went for the sushi deal and then for drinks at a nearby wine bar. It was a fun night, and I always enjoy my own company. But I decided to stop hosting events because of a couple of reasons.

The most obvious one is that no one was interested in the last event I hosted (although it was a great deal for both the sushi dinner and the ladies night drinks). The other reason I decided to end the events was that the regulars who were showing up to my previous events cancelled themselves (one by one).

It was so interesting because I knew that the Universe was telling me it was time for another adventure. The Universe said: “You did your best in your current environment, and now it’s time to move.”

Anyway, I truly believe creating the Meetup group and hosting events was a great idea to feel good and go out in the city again. I also like to see it as a bridge that took me from being isolated and locked up in my place (on the evenings at least) to being out and about and socializing again.

Now I’m ready for my six-month Bali move and to hang out with my friends there. I’ll be going out alone too, but I won’t be using Meetup or any other site for that.

So today’s message was all about flowing with life and knowing when to change direction and start doing something new.

Although I enjoyed every single one of the events that I hosted (including the last one where no one showed up), I realized it was time for the group to end. And that the people who I met were meant for a season only. Because if it was for longer, they wouldn’t have cancelled themselves out (one by one).

What are your thoughts on this story about surrendering to the flow of life? Did you experience anything similar? What stage of life are you at right now?




Flow of Life

Flow of Life

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