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Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Last week’s story was about my weight loss journey and how being single is no longer sustainable – you can read it here.

I honestly can’t wait for this Mercury Retrograde phase to end. The last Full Moon was really intense and I’m still feeling the effects.

I hope that the energy will get lighter with the end of Mercury Retrograde on the 14th of May. Feeling so depleted.

Create your Best Life with Connection

For three months or so, I started a new meetup group for socializing and going out to venues with live jazz and soul music.

So far, every single event has been so much fun and memorable. I’m so grateful for the powerful synchronicities and new, magical connections.

The idea for this new meetup group came to me when I realized that I’m not living my best life.

Throughout the pandemic, I integrated a lot of the healing work that I did and I set boundaries with old friends.

With most of us feeling isolated at home during the pandemic, it was normal to get used to hibernation mode and staying in.

This habit started to get old and I felt that my life is passing me by while I spent all my days and weekends at home.

I did a search on the Meetup site – that I’ve been a part of for a very long time – for a jazz or soul music group and there wasn’t one.

I’m so glad that I decided to start this social group and I’m grateful for the connections that I made with like-minded souls.

Embrace Shared Life Experiences

I feel truly humbled by discovering that we’re all connected with our shared life experiences. We all feel like we want to connect with others who understand us and to go out and have a good time.

Most importantly, the group connected me with other like-minded singles in the city who share my love for jazz and soul music.

Today’s post is for those who, like me, have experienced childhood trauma and, as a result, find it difficult to connect with others.

My deep healing work led me to this moment in time. I’m now ready to allow safe, loving people in.

It feels good to connect with other positive and safe souls.

Today’s Wellness Wednesday blog post inspires you to be open to receiving connection and love – when you feel ready.

I wouldn’t have been able to connect with others in a healthy and deep way if it weren’t for all the inner work that I did.

Create Your Best Life with Patience

So if you’re still working on feeling worthy and confident, keep moving forward. Don’t rush to the next stage until you feel ready.

And remember, allow safe people in and set healthy boundaries with disrespectful ones.

Living your best life and connecting with others is a lovely step on your way to manifesting your dream relationship.

I will end the blog post here and share a new story tomorrow.




Create Your Best Life

Create Your Best Life: Connecting after trauma

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