Surf’s Up – Why My Surf Lesson Wasn’t All I Expected

surf lesson

I took my first ever surf lesson yesterday at a Bali surf school. I thought I should tell you a little bit about my experience.

My Surf Lesson Instructor

For some reason, I got a really bad instructor who was on a toilet break, then cigarette break when I got to the shop. Then, he goes on to complain to me about his long working hours as we drove to the beach on a scooter. When I asked him about the number of years that he’s been surfing, he tells me: two years.
With that introduction, I obviously was not looking forward to my lesson. But it was too late now to demand another instructor, so I just went with the flow. Bad call. It turned out that in addition to his bad manners and negative attitude towards life, he’s also very bad at explaining or giving out instructions. Needless to say, I spent the next one and a half hour or so in a frustrated and hostile mood. I didn’t even complete the two-hour lesson.

My First Surf Lesson

When I went for the lesson, the tide was high and the waves were so huge. How can he expect me to stand up on the board when faced with over-sized waves and zero support? He had no clue as to how to explain anything, like when I should get up on the board and attempt to stand up. Very stupid, young guy.
To add to my misery and frustration, I was surrounded by all these students, who were on their first lesson too. However, they were able to stand up on their boards and practice a few times!
I think what annoyed me the most was the fact that I had a horrible instructor who wasn’t able to communicate anything to me. I was simply stuck in a very hostile and negative situation because of that.

A Second Chance?

After my surf lesson, I went back to the surf school base and informed them that I wasn’t happy with my surf lesson. By chance, the lead instructor was at the shop and he offered to give me lessons. I think I  might take two or three more lessons with him next week.
Another plan that I might consider is to attend a surf school sometime this summer to learn from English-speaking folks! I know of a place in Portugal, but I might do some research before I decide on anything.
I will update you on how it goes when I take another lesson with the lead instructor.
For now, stay tuned for a blog post about how I met a soul companion in Canggu, Bali.

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