Stop Looking for Love! Do this Instead!

If there was an award for codependency when it comes to manifesting love, then I would get it.

I tried using dating apps (I was mostly using Bumble) and I was on and off of dating apps for around five years.

So much time, money and energy was invested into matchmaking agencies. I used two and one of them was a reasonable amount.

Did I manifest love by doing this? No.

Because when you look for something, it means that you don’t have it. The Law of Attraction is simply a mirror.

When you feel and live from a vibration of lack, you get that same vibration reflected back to you in your reality.

What to do Instead?

I was living from this ‘lack’ vibration and was constantly ‘looking for love’ that I met a guy in Bali who literally said to me: “Are you looking for Love?” LOL

The law of attraction is simple. Whatever frequency you vibrate from gets reflected back to you.

This applies to feeling unworthy of love, feeling that you need to earn love, looking for love.

What all of these vibrations mean is one thing: That you are not love or lovable.

The truth is that our essence and core vibration is love. But because of our negative childhood experiences, this gets messed up.

So to go back to the vibration of love, you want to do the spiritual growth and healing work.

You can also work with a coach who was on the journey that you’re on right now.

I wrote a blog post about the difference between chasing and looking for love versus feeling worthy and attracting love. You can read it here.

Acting as if you already have a Partner

The law of attraction is fairly straightforward. The reason that most people don’t success in using it is because it also requires a huge amount of self-confidence and self-worth to apply. And that’s the step that most Manifestation experts don’t mention.

They tell you that you need to feel good, vibrate high and live from the frequency of love.

The truth is that you can’t do any of the above when you have limiting beliefs, old patterns and family issues.

I’m so grateful that I was patient and I did all of the work before meeting my person.

I’m also excited for this NYE. I just finalized a dinner at a beach resort in another Emirate.

I’ll be welcoming the New Year with fireworks at the beach – simple but so powerful.

Why is it Powerful to Act as If?

When you act as if, you’re lining up your energy with that of your future self.

And when your energy is aligned with your future self (that already has a partner), you can attract that reality to you with so much ease and flow.

If you want to learn more about ‘Acting as if‘, check out this blog post. Discover this powerful LOA principle and start applying it now.

What are your plans for this New Year’s Eve? Will you be living as your current, single self or acting as if you already have the relationship and life of your dreams?

Let me know in the comments?


Stop looking for love

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