Staycation: YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi (ESPA at YAS Viceroy)


Pure bliss at ESPA at YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi

My recent staycation at YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi was a very memorable one. If you missed the first post, have a read here.

As I mentioned in the earlier post, the spa is located in the Marina building of the hotel. I decided to get a 90-minute signature package at the spa. That included a back scrub, then a one-hour massage of choice. I went for the fitness massage which targets the muscles and aims to release tension and stress.

ESPA at YAS Viceroy

ESPA at YAS Viceroy is not your typical five-star hotel spa. Located on two floors, it hosts a good number of treatment rooms, a relaxation room, and even a beauty salon. There’s a tranquil waterfall near the relaxation room, the lighting is dim to help you unwind, and the general ambiance translates into pure bliss and peace.

My Therapist was a very lovely and extremely friendly lady from Indonesia. Her name is Rita. I highly recommend that you book an appointment with her if you’re looking for a fully de-stressing and rejuvenating spa experience.

The Steam Room

Another thing that you must not miss out on when visiting Espa at the Viceroy is their steam room. You might think what’s so special about a steam room? each spa – whether it’s high-end or low-range has one. True, but the steam room at YAS Viceroy is no ordinary one. First, you will see the steam filling the room from before you even open the door. Then, once inside the room, you will find yourself in the midst of this energizing steam that you won’t be able to see clearly! it might be challenging just finding your way to the seats! but don’t fret, this actually is the secret for a magical steam room experience. As I lied down on my huge bath towel laid on top of the wooden seats, I felt transformed into another world. A world of pure bliss and tranquility. And I didn’t want to go back or leave the room! But, it was time for my spa treatment, so I had no choice.

Honestly, I can’t wait to go back to ESPA for another treatment and longer visit to the steam room! I know it’s not healthy to spend a long time in there, but I have to go back!

Details to remember when visiting ESPA at YAS Viceroy:

ESPA at YAS Viceroy

Recommended Therapist: Rita

Look out for the signature packages, which are great value for money.

I tried the 90-minute ESPA signature package.

Cost: AED 464.00


ESPA at YAS Viceroy

A memorable spa experience at ESPA at YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi

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