Where to Stay in Naples Italy and Travel Story

So I decided to take a break from blogging and truly immerse myself in Italian culture and life. Like I said in my latest post, I will be away on vacation for a month in Italy.

In that post, I shared about joining a new gym and how training impacted my wellbeing and energy levels. Well, I cancelled my gym membership when I got back after about a week only of training there. I’ll share the reason in a future post.

For now, I’ll simply start a dance cardio fitness routine at home and go back to walking when the weather cools down.

I’ll be sharing about my trip to the South of Italy in the upcoming months. I have a lot of pictures, insider knowledge and travel tips to share. I was in Napoli, Amalfi Coast and Castellabate for the month that I was there.

Let’s start with my first destination: Napoli.

Where to Stay in Naples Italy

Napoli is not a safe city (more about this in future posts), so choosing the right neighborhood for your hotel is so important. I researched a lot before booking my hotel and chose one that some random person recommended to me online.

Palazzo Alabardieri is a good choice if your’e traveling alone and want to stay somewhere relatively safe. It’s located in the Chiaia neighborhood of Naples. There are so many restaurants, shops and bars within walking distance. You’re basically connected to the entire city of Naples and can either walk or take public transportation to get to anywhere.

Location-wise, it’s a great hotel. But it’s a four-star hotel and the service is basic. If you don’t mind basic service, then this hotel is for you. Another thing to note is that it’s considered a business hotel. So a lot of conferences and business events are always taking place there. I only had breakfast at the hotel for the first two days and then I started going to random cafes for my cornetto and coffee fix. It was enjoying as it gave me an opportunity to live like a local. I didn’t like the breakfast at the hotel and that’s why I skipped eating there (although it was included in the room rate).

The hotel has really good rates (especially if you book in advance like I did). Honestly, my daily rate was the cheapest that I ever paid for a hotel I think. So that’s a bonus if you want to stay somewhere decent and save money.

Why visit Napoli?

If you like raw, rugged, authentic and real life, then this city is for you. I actually liked Napoli the most from all of the destinations that I visited this summer in Italy! I mean, I enjoyed Alassio a lot but I don’t think I will go back there anytime soon. Napoli on the other hand, is a destination that takes time to grow on you. Some people hate it because there’s graffiti everywhere and generally feeling of unsafe.

When I was in Napoli, I was on guard all the time. I feel like I truly grew as a person in one week only of living there! It was a powerful experience, not just a usual trip to an Italian city.

I wasn’t sure if I would go back. Then, after visiting three other towns in the South of Italy (stories coming soon), I decided that Napoli was my favorite place of them all and I plan to go back next year (in the low season).

Napoli is not only raw, rugged, authentic and real, it’s also very cheap! Everything (including food) is so cheap and reasonably priced. The funny thing is that I only realized this fact after spending the rest of my trip at other Campania towns.

I’ll keep this blog post short and I’ll share more about Napoli in future posts.

Leaving you with some snap shots from day one in the lively and rugged Southern Italian city.

Have you visited Napoli? If so, how was your experience? Would you consider going back? What did you like the most about the bustling city?


Stay in Naples

Stay in Naples Palazzo Alabardieri


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Gran Caffe Cimmino Napoli


Gran Caffe Cimmino Napoli


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Stay in Naples

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Stay in Naples

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Stay in Naples

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