High Vibration Manifestation: My New Fitness Journey

In the previous post, I shared about how I joined a fitness studio lately and how this routine impacted my vibration.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t do any kind of strength training since the summer of 2019. What happened was that after doing inner child work, I felt like I want to be left alone. I wasn’t ready for a proper workout routine, so I was simply walking a lot.

The problem with the walking only program is that it doesn’t work if you’re a foodie over 40. I love food and I developed a passion for cooking in the pandemic season. This means one thing: I started to gain weight around my core and specifically my belly and I looked pregnant.

On top of that, I started wearing mom jeans and I’m now finding it challenging to find a pair of denim shorts that fit!

Yesterday, I was trying out a pair of ‘mom’ denim shorts and even the biggest size was not comfortable. I managed to button it up but I’m not so sure I can sit while wearing this pair of shorts. I guess we’ll find out in my upcoming trip!

High Vibration Manifestation and Manifesting a Partner

One of the physical traits of the person I’m manifesting is that they have an athletic and strong body. Although I wasn’t working out in the past three years, I still wrote that quality on my wish list. I thought that it doesn’t matter if I have a soft body and I’m not in good shape. But this doesn’t work when using the law of attraction.

I wrote a blog post about how you need to reverse engineer the traits on your soul mate wish list and make sure that you have each one yourself.

This is where strength training and conditioning falls into place. I realized that if I want to manifest a muscular and athletic man, I need to be living from that vibration myself.

Vibration shift

Another major positive impact that starting training had on me is how I feel after each session. Starting my day with a good workout gives me the energy and motivation to get things done in the rest of my day.

After the class, I feel like I can achieve anything and I truly feel like I’m vibrating higher – at a completely different frequency from where I was before.

If you’re struggling with committing to a training routine or staying active, don’t worry. I believe that the right resources and people will show up at the right time. Just like how things unfolded for me.

I feel like I wasn’t ready to commit to a workout routine in the past three years because I was integrating inner child work.

But once I was ready, I manifested a fitness studio and coaches that are so aligned, friendly and professional!

I’m off to the south of Italy tomorrow morning but I’m super excited to commit to a daily fitness schedule once I’m back.

I’m also excited to see how my body will change and how I can fit into normal jeans again! I honestly forgot how it feels to wear non-mom or pregnancy jeans! I know that I used to wear them my entire life. Then the pandemic happened and I turned 40!

Sending you good vibes and motivation for your own fitness and health journey. And talk to you soon!


Fitness journey


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