Spa Day: Review of Spa Cordon in DIFC, Dubai


Spa Cordon in DIFC, Dubai is an award-winning spaI’ve heard of Spa Cordon in DIFC a long time back, but I didn’t get the chance to give it a visit until today. The decision to finally check out Spa Cordon was made easier with a new spa and salon booking website and app; Vaniday.

Ease of Booking at Spa Cordon

The salon booking app/website facilitate the process of booking an appointment by giving you access to the salon’s scheduling system! This allows you to choose the day and time that best fit both your schedule and the salon’s timetable. Talk about having complete control over your decisions! Now that’s a concept that matches my personality perfectly!

The Vaniday website has an extensive selection of top notch salons and day spas to choose from. Once you’ve found the right spa and treatment that you would like to book, all you need to do is select a day and time that suit your schedule, enter your credit card details, and voila! you are ready to enjoy the treatment in a matter of a few clicks and seconds of your time. Say goodbye to endlessly ringing salons or spas where the staff are too busy to answer the phone, speaking to salon staff who don’t understand your request or your accent, and wasting minutes of your valuable time just to book a spa appointment – with the aim being to relax – and then getting drained even before you get your booking done! I’m sure most of you have had this experience. I personally have had countless experiences of misunderstanding on the phone with various salon staff. No more hassle when using Vaniday 🙂

Overview of the Spa

Spa Cordon in DIFC is an award-winning independent spa. Located in Sky Gardens Tower in DIFC, the spa is highly accessible by metro. It’s only a few minutes walk from the Emirates Towers Metro Station. You can also stop by at the Gate Village in DIFC for a quick bite or a coffee, like I did. Basically, it’s very convenient to get to if you don’t drive a car.

My Treatments

I went for the Body Blends treatment – It’s a customized body scrub treatment with ingredients of your choice. Since I have sensitive skin, I went for sand as my scrub ingredient of choice, and a cocoa butter for my post-scrub moisturizer. There were three options for the scrubs; salt, black seed and sand. Moisturizing oils included grape seed oil, almond oil and sesame oil. The therapist recommended that I go for cocoa butter since I was looking for something to soothe my dehydrated skin.

What makes this spa original and unique is the use of purely natural ingredients for the treatments. I was informed by my therapist that the scrub ingredients are all natural ones. The same goes for my cocoa butter. It was a mixture of natural cocoa butter and some almond oil. This fact was evident in the scent of the cocoa butter and the texture of the sand scrub. Everything felt so pure and natural.

After the therapist used the sand scrub all over my body, I took a shower in the treatment room before she applied the cocoa butter. The pressure used to apply the scrub was just like I had requested – medium.

Spa Cordon also hosts a sauna and a Jacuzzi – just like hotel spas. There’s a relaxation room as well, where some tea and snacks are served.

To be honest, I was very pleased with my first experience at this spa using the Vaniday website. I can’t wait for my next salon appointment which I will book through the hassle-free website as well. So stay tuned to the blog to read all about it. You might also like this other spa review here. 

spa cordon

Spa Cordon is located in the bustling DIFC area


spa cordon

A lovely spa treatment on a beautiful day in Dubai



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