Self-Reflection: What Changed in you This Season?

In my latest Wellness Wednesday blog post, I shared the NLP tool of reframing and how you can apply it to any negative situation in your life.

Today, I continue with the theme of always focusing on the good. Because what you focus on, expands. That’s another NLP concept.

I’m feeling so grateful today because I chose to work from home and I’m not feeling 100%. I’m also grateful that my noisy neighbors aren’t around – which is perfect timing since I’ll be staying at home for the next two days.

Everything in life flows. You just have to trust the process and allow life to unfold.

I’m also grateful for getting my passport delivered to me earlier today. And with a Schengen visa stamp for my October trip.

I’ll be sharing pictures and stories from that trip when I travel in October.

Focus on the Silver Lining

There’s always a silver lining for any challenging situation. And I want you to train your mind to focus on that. Because that’s how you can create a new reality for yourself.

When you focus on the negative or things that are going wrong for you, you attract more things to feel anxious about.

And when you practice looking for the positive in each situation, your reality changes to match that positive and you attract more things to be grateful for.

For me, this pandemic had more positives than negatives. I feel blessed beyond measure for this.

I shared in earlier posts about how I managed to set healthy and strong boundaries with toxic friends. Everything was highlighted and revealed in this season – mainly because all the distractions were gone. So I could see the truth in every connection.

Another major breakthrough for me was uncovering more of my true self and living in alignment with that personality each day.

I feel like with each passing day, I discover something new about my soul essence and I start aligning my personality to that soul.

It feels so empowering to live from that place and it also means that I feel good and I’m no longer seeking for love or a relationship.

These are the big shifts and then there are smaller changes like the fact that I practice cooking more these days.

Especially since about a month or so ago, the meal plan company that I was getting meals from five days a week stopped their operations. So I was forced to plan and make my own meals and I love everything about the process.

Another simple but major change to my habits is the fact that I now check the daily travel news and updates. I must say that I still don’t check the world news or even the local news! I simply check a few reliable sources to see if there are any updates for traveling to Europe. Not a big change I know, but for someone who was living in isolation from the rest of the world, it’s considered a change. And I like to see it as a positive one.

I don’t check the news on social media either. All I do is check one main website for Europe travel news and updates. And a few Facebook groups. That’s about it. But at least I’m staying informed about the countries that I wish to travel to.

Positive Changes

After eighteen months of processing inner child therapy work, I also feel like connecting with a few good friends. I started to go out to busy cafes and I don’t mind being around people or buzzing places.

I also feel like I have the headspace to connect with good and genuine friends. This wasn’t the case in the past eighteen months when I was still integrating and processing inner child work.

As far as personal projects, I’m now writing an e-book on manifesting love with the help of a book coach.

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What silver lining or linings did this pandemic season bring for you?

I want to hear all about your spiritual growth journey and news. Let me know in the comments!

I’m off to make a healthy salad for lunch and I’ll be back on Sunday with a new Dating Sunday blog post.

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