Self-Improvement: What is your Biggest Growth Lesson this Pandemic?

I’ve been living in Dubai since April 1, 2010 and I never thought that a day would come when I would share a story of how I called the police to report an incident.

Let me share the story briefly.

Self-improvement in All Situations

I have new neighbors right next door to my apartment who are the complete opposite of the old ones.

They are a couple with a ten-month old baby. I occasionally heard the wife screaming and emasculating her husband with her tone of voice. I won’t say more as I’m sure you get what I mean.

Then, they keep slamming the door throughout the day. The previous neighbors were so quiet that I only heard them leave and enter and they did it with so much grace and civilized behavior.

Last night, the new neighbors were having a social event. And because we have open-plan balconies in our building, I could hear the music and their loud laughter in my bedroom. This started at 9:30 pm and went on until 1:30 am.

Although I asked the building security to ask them to lower their noise twice, they continued as if nothing happened.

They basically ignored two warnings form the building security – who also shared that I plan to call the police (the second time around).

Obviously, I tried to sleep and ignore the noise. But it was too much to handle and I couldn’t sleep. The noise actually kept getting louder and louder.

At around 1:06, I called the police main line. I knew that the rule is that if you warn them multiple times and they don’t listen, then you can call the police so they can intervene.

Somehow, the call didn’t get through to the police the first two times that I tried. I’m so glad it was successful the third time.

I reported the incident and the details. About thirty minutes later, the police officer arrived.

I was standing behind the door to hear the conversation. The neighbor (husband) said that I’m old and then followed that with a couple of other lies. Like the fact that I was sleeping, that we gave them one warning only and that there are only a few guests.

When I heard all the lies, I opened my apartment door and I angrily yelled and said that he was lying and that the other guests just left.

This shows that not only are these neighbors disrespectful, they are also dodgy and deceiving. Super vulgar and dodgy people.

The guy even refused to hand his ID to the policeman and I told him that he should give it when asked.

He was sharing that it was his wife’s birthday and that’s when I said: “that’s none of my business.” – because it truly has nothing to do with the situation and incident.

I then went back inside my apartment because I didn’t want to interact with such low quality and dodgy people.

I’m now going to see how they behave and I’m very grateful that I live in a city that doesn’t tolerate such incidents.

I’m actually going to report them anytime they do something similar in the future. I already told him that I would.

Setting Boundaries

At first, I thought that this incident was a message from the Universe asking me to leave the UAE. Mainly because I always had bad neighbors here!

Then, I asked in my morning meditation to be shown the purpose and lesson for this horrible experience.

The answer came to me about an hour or so later.

During this pandemic season, I was shown who my real friends are. I managed to successfully cut ties with toxic friends who no longer deserved a place in my life.

Before that, I also learned how to set healthy boundaries with family members.

Yesterday, it was time to practice the art of setting firm boundaries again – this time with the neighbors.

When you start doing the inner work, the Universe supports you and guides you.

Boundaries for me was the main life lesson that my soul was put on this earth to learn.

As a survivor of narcissistic personality disorder abuse, I  learned the importance of setting boundaries later in life.

I’m so grateful that the Universe is supporting me in releasing all of the patterns that are not helpful for my growth.

If you want to learn about boundaries, you can read this blog post and this one.

This pandemic season is a golden opportunity for you to shift your old patterns and manifest your best life.

Now that I shared my most important life lesson with you, I want to know: What was your biggest self-improvement lesson in this season?



Self-improvement: How to set boundaries

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