Reflective Tuesday: Your Reality is Constructed from Inside Out

Today’s ‘Reflective Tuesday – Your Reality’ post is an old story with a new realization. It’s a life-changing, insightful and valuable tip which can help change anyone’s life when regularly practiced.

A Walk in Seminyak, Bali

I was walking down the beach in Seminyak, Bali. I would meet the ladies who sell the beautiful beaded necklaces, bracelets and intricately-designed sarongs.

There were two specific ladies who caught my attention on my first ever Bali trip. I always liked to shop from them. They were always bubbly, confident and as persistent as the other ladies at the beach who sold similar accessories and sarongs.

Bella & Sonia

What I mostly admired about Bella and Sonia was their insatiable love for life. They had a positive attitude even when times were tough. They had engaging selling conversations despite their modest English language skills.

We “connected” because of their authentic, honest and friendly attitude. The first time Bella saw me, I was approaching the last few days of my magical wellness holiday. I was chilling on The Legian hotel’s sun loungers. Bella asked: “No boyfriend?” I replied that I didn’t have a boyfriend. There were some very cool sarongs on sale so I reserved a few for when I had cash on me and before I flew back to Dubai.

I didn’t give that conversation much attention, especially since it was a brief comment. We went on to talk about other topics and to plan our next meeting to finalize the purchase of those pretty sarongs.

What was interesting was what happened on my second trip to Bali in April of last year. I walked down the same stretch of beach while staying at a different resort and I ran into Bella again. She introduced me to Sonia (pictured in the post). I also admired her for her positive outlook on life, strong work ethic and friendly and warm personality.

This time, witty and outspoken Bella asked: “Still no boyfriend?” I laughed and said that I still didn’t have a boyfriend. Her comments didn’t bother me.  I was OK being single because it was the beginning of my healing journey. I’d chose to work on myself and my healing process before being in a romantic relationship with anyone.

My Reality Realization

In my third Bali getaway last October I made a conscious decision to avoid walking down the stretch of beach where both Bella and Sonia mainly operate and sell.

Why? Deep inside, I wasn’t 100% happy with my single status. I didn’t want anyone else reminding me of that. Plus, I just didn’t have an explanation or justification as to why I was still single. All I knew was that I was in Bali on a wellness holiday, in the midst of a healing journey. I couldn’t expedite or accelerate this process. I was just trying to get some peace and resolution on a tropical paradise where no one can find me.

The true realization of what happened on Seminyak Beach, Bali only dawned on me about a week ago.

Our reality is entirely constructed from within us. Our thoughts, behaviors and actions are what ultimately shape our reality. The fact that Bella said those words is only a reflection of my own thoughts about being single. Deep down, my unconscious mind, felt like I was not complete without a life partner and that I wasn’t content with my single status.

Be Aware of Your Vibration

We attract individuals and situations that match our vibrations at any moment in time. I had emitted vibrations which made me feel not worthy, insecure and not comfortable in my own skin with my current life situation. As such, I attracted souls who reflected my own thoughts and vibrations back at me. This was my reality. It’s as simple as that!

Final Words: What kind of vibrations are you emitting to the world? Are you feeling confident, content, centered, joyful and happy with yourself and current life situation? If not, what are you doing to raise these vibrations and to construct your reality?

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