The Power of Visualization: Transform Wanting into Having

Happy 1st of May! I have a headache so I’ll keep this blog post short.

We’re approaching another Full Moon, so I guess that’s another reason why I want to take things easy.

If you missed the last Manifestation Monday blog post, here’s the story.

In the summer of 2016, I saw a psychic medium who told me many things that already happened. She was very accurate.

About my love life, she said that she could feel that I’m in the energy of ‘I want, I want’ and that this is not helpful.

When manifesting anything, you want to be in the energy of feeling indifferent about getting your desire.

Detaching from the outcome is easy when you’re manifesting something simple like flowers for example.

Since I tried this manifestation tip, I’ve been seeing flowers everywhere I look. And the first petal I manifested was after one day only of doing the meditation for manifesting flowers.

When it comes to manifesting love and a relationship, it’s not that easy to feel indifferent or apathetic about it.

Because when we choose to manifest a relationship, it’s usually because we really want to be in one and we’re fed up with being single!

That’s why, feeling like it doesn’t matter if we get our dream relationship or not can be difficult.

One of the things that helped me get to the state of feeling indifferent about manifesting love is living my best life.

When I started to truly live my life to the fullest and go out, I felt like my attention wasn’t too focused on manifesting my person.

Like these days, I started hosting a social meetup event and I’ve been meeting like-minded and wonderful souls.

Although we all want to manifest our loving relationship, we’re also investing in self-love and in living our best life.

Doing the inner work to find my true self and feel whole and complete is another way that helps me feel like I’m content on my own and that manifesting my person would be a plus. But I’m already happy on my own.

Of course the journey to get to this stage has been very long and challenging. Yet very rewarding.

Instead of being in the energy or state of wanting and looking for your person, try feeling like you already have them.

Instead of trying to manifest, feel as though you already have your dream life and person.

Start living and walking like the person who already has their dream person. Not like the single one who’s still looking and wanting.

What are your thoughts on this tip? Do you think you can start living and feeling as if you already have your person?



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