Positive Habits: Have you Found your Favorite Workout?

I’m feeling so off today. I think it’s the Solar Eclipse. It all started yesterday. I tweeted about an encounter with someone so negative while I was at the hair salon yesterday. You can read the story on my Twitter profile.

So when it comes to health and wellness, a lot has been happening. Just this morning, I visited my functional medicine doctor to follow up on a gut test that I made in April or May. I couldn’t visit him earlier because when the test results came out, it was time for my first Italy trip to Alassio. You can read about that coastal destination here.

Then when I got back from Alassio, I started preparing for my second trip to Italy – Campania. This is the first story from my trip to Campania; you can read the rest of the posts after that one.

And when I got back from Campania in early August, I felt so depleted and drained that I didn’t want to do anything for an entire month. When that month ended, I had a cold, which turned into a strange allergy.

On October 10, I even had a PCR test, thinking I had COVID. Mainly because I had so many symptoms, including loss of taste.

When the results returned negative, I immediately booked a respiratory allergy test, which wasn’t very informative.

This morning, I finally met with my functional medicine doctor, who explained the gut test results to me. And how we can start the treatment. I need to take some supplements and medications. And I need to make changes to my diet and eating habits.

Positive Habits: Activity that Matches your Personality.

I wonder if you have already found an activity you enjoy and can commit to. I believe that it’s so important to find a workout you enjoy – otherwise, committing is challenging.

I personally used to do Zumba for years. I was attending in-person classes with a group of women. This was pre-pandemic. It was a fun workout, burning many calories, and I liked the community feel.

Then, after intense daily Zumba classes, I injured my knee cartilage and started physiotherapy. This was also pre-pandemic.

In August 2018, I decided to start working out with a personal trainer at a gym. This was mainly because I wanted to avoid injuring my knees with Zumba, and I wanted to try a different type of workout. Although I was training with that PT for almost a year (except when I travelled), I didn’t enjoy training at the gym. It’s simply not my personality.

After doing inner child therapy work, I needed time and space to integrate the work. So I stopped gym training and did nothing but go for long walks. This went on from the summer of 2019 until June 2022! LOL

Your Soul Knows what you Need.

I used to go for coffee and groceries at a small community mall far from my neighbourhood. A personal trainer approached me while I waited for my Uber. He was promoting a new gym that was opening soon in that mall.

When he started speaking, my first question was: “Do you have dance cardio?”

He looked at me as if I was an alien and said they didn’t. Because strength training (what I was doing at the gym) is entirely different from dance cardio (which includes Zumba). It’s like they are two separate worlds.

After he explained the concept of the gym- personal training in a group setting – I felt like I should try it.

I didn’t sign up immediately, but the coach contacted me (because I expressed interest in the gym), and I felt like it was a sign from the Universe that I should join. Well, I was wrong!

Fast forward to when I got back from my first Italy trip; the gym had opened sometime in early June. I attended classes for a week, paused my membership and then cancelled it and deleted my account when I returned from my second trip.

There were so many reasons I chose to cancel my membership, which I won’t get into in this post.

Getting Moving

But I recently discovered an African fitness YouTube channel, and the best part is that she used dumbbells and resistance bands in the sessions.

So I now have the dumbbells, and I’m waiting for the specific resistance bands.

I’m back to dance cardio, but it’s more advanced than what I was doing in the past.

It’s a fun workout that I can commit to; I can do it at home with minimal equipment, I don’t have to commute to a studio or gym, and I don’t have to engage with toxic people who work as coaches at local gyms!

The moral of the story is that our soul already knows what we need. Our true self already knows what workout matches our personality and lifestyle (I don’t drive a car and never will).

Sadly, sometimes, we get distracted from our true selves. This is a result of emotional abuse, family conditioning and childhood trauma.

I feel grateful that I am finally back on track regarding getting active and fit.

I wanted to share this story to inspire you to keep searching for a fun workout you can commit to and do daily.

Stay tuned for more informative Wellness Wednesday posts as I share with you milestones from my personal health and wellness journey.

I’m curious to know: Have you found your favorite workout yet? If so, what is it, and how long have you been practising it?


Positive Habits

Positive Habits: finding your favorite workout

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