Poké and Co. in Dubai Restaurant Review with Saudi Diva

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Back to Dubai and this can only mean one thing. New, cool foodie spots to visit and a review of Poké and Co.

Poké and Co.

Being a huge fan of the healthy Poké bowl concept and having it for most of my meals while in Bali, I was super excited to find out that a cool, new Poké cafe is opening in Downtown Dubai. In fact, I even followed their Instagram page and eagerly waited for their opening date.
So, when I received an invite to try the cool, new healthy eating spot, I didn’t think twice and took my friends to Downtown Dubai for a bowl of nutritious goodness.
The all-new clean eating cafe, Poké and Co Dubai is not only a lunch spot. It’s a cafe serving a good selection of smoothie bowls and healthy juices and smoothies in a modern, relaxed ambiance. So, if you were looking for a comfortable spot to work with your laptop, this place is for you.

What’s great about Poké and Co?

You can customize your own Poké bowl from a wide range of fresh, good quality ingredients. They even have a number of seasonings to add extra flavor to the customized bowl. Not to mention a great selection of tasty and healthy dressings.
With a super friendly service, fresh, clean ingredients and a chilled ambiance with an excellent music playlist, I believe that Poké and Co have ticked all the boxes for a healthy cafe and lunch spot. So the next time I miss Bali life with its plethora of healthy cafes, I can take a cab to Downtown Dubai and be transported to island life within a few minutes 🙂
When you visit, make sure to try their highly refreshing and tasty Açaí bowl. It truly is heaven in a bowl! So good and healthy at the same time.
From now on, whenever I make a trip to Downtown Dubai, I will make sure to stop by Poké and Co for a scrumptious, customized bowl. This place is truly a refreshing addition to the Dubai casual dining scene. It’s a great nostalgic spot for all Bali lovers like myself.
Check out their Instagram page here.
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