Part Eight of My Bali Journey: Trusting the Power of Manifestation

Part Seven of My Bali Journey

I want to keep this blog post short because we’re experiencing the Mercury Retrograde, and these times can feel depleting and draining.

If you missed Part Seven of my Bali Move blog post series, you can read it here.

That story was about how my last month in Ubud was so profound when it came to integrating the healing work I did over the last couple of years.

Part Eight – My Last Week in Bali

After around six months in Bali, I chose to spend my last week at a hotel near the airport.

I had few expectations for that week, but I was blown away by the beautiful surprises and synchronicities.

I realised that my Bali move was about healing my inner child naturally and powerfully.

Although I mainly chose to spend six months in Bali (in addition to getting laser hair removal done, which didn’t work at all) to meet someone special, the Universe had an entirely different plan.

The Universe helped me get closer to manifesting my person by healing my inner child wounds. It did so in the most magical and amazing way.

Power of Manifestation

My last week on the island was full of synchronicities connected to inner child healing.

On my last day, I was in a mall with a big outdoor playground in the middle. I looked at all the kids playing and running and was in tears. That’s when I realized that the Universe always has a plan for us, usually better than our own.

I basically felt that there was a lot of healing to be integrated. Meeting my person will most likely not be in person, as no one approaches me in public!

I will end the story here about the power of manifestation and I hope this Mercury Retrograde will help you release whatever no longer serves you.



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