Own Your Choices and Be the Hero of your Own Life Movie

Yesterday’s Wellness Wednesday blog post was about morning routines and why they should be a part of your daily schedule.

Since most of my community are single women, I thought of writing a post that speaks to them specifically.

These days, I feel like I’m more accepting of my single status and I no longer try to dismiss it or push it away. It’s a strange feeling considering that I always hated being single.

Although I can’t tell you how to shift your resistance towards being single, I can share with you why it’s a privilege to be in that situation!

Be the Hero of your Own Life Movie

When you’re single and living alone, you can create daily rituals and a schedule that feels right to you.

You get to choose how to spend your days and nights, when to go to bed and when to wake up, who you connect with and who has access to you. It’s truly liberating and a real privilege.

You also learn how to set healthy boundaries with others who are not aligned with your soul or values. You do things on your own terms and you’re basically the hero of your own life movie.

Focusing on yourself becomes so easy when you’re single. You can make time for self-care rituals and take all the time that you want in doing those rituals.

Another great advantage of being single is traveling wherever you want to go. Because I love the slow-paced, island life, I get to choose destinations that are aligned with that preference. I generally travel to coastal towns, island countries or off-the-beaten path destinations. I avoid big cities and inland towns in general.

Of course, these discoveries about my true self didn’t happen overnight. I recently wrote a blog post about how travel can help you uncover your true self. you can read it here.

I truly believe that if I wasn’t chronically single, I would never have had the deep realizations about myself or the countless life lessons that being single brought me. It would be challenging to know which places and people resonate with me.

Own your choices

Being single and living alone in the pandemic was a real life transformation journey. It helped me realize that I’m not a life coach or a businesswoman, that most of my so-called friends are toxic and that it’s time to consider moving to another country.

This blog post talks about the transformation and self-awareness that came with the pandemic. You can read it here to feel inspired to change.

So today, instead of resisting being single and alone, I invite you to embrace all of the positive things that come with this life stage. See them as opportunities for learning and growth. And for getting closer to creating your dream life with your person.

It’s just a phase and it’s not permanent. So make the most out of it while you can. I promise you, you will attract a much healthier and loving relationship when you’re feeling whole and complete. Not when you’re feeling desperate and seeking.

So today, choose to be the hero of your own life movie!


Own your choices

Own Your Choices and Be the hero of your own life movie

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