New Moon Wednesday: Acting as if you Already have your Desire

Today is a fantastic day – there’s a new moon tonight, and it’s going to be powerful!

The reason I say this is that the past month was so intense and emotional for most of us.

I experienced a lot of old memories coming up for me. This is always a good thing because it means that old energy is released.

The secret to releasing the old and making space for the new is to feel your emotions when they show up.

Sometimes, when we go through painful and traumatic events, we learn to detach from our emotions to survive.

A significant part of healing is to go back to those painful memories and feel them with your entire range of emotions.

This is a natural process of the spiritual path and can’t be forced or anticipated. When you are ready, you will go through it with grace.

New Moon Ritual

If you’re not sure about how to do a New Moon ritual, you can have a look at this post which gives practical tips for doing just that.

I have an excellent feeling about tonight’s New Moon, and I’m so excited to write down my intentions tonight.

The cool thing about manifesting is that as you grow and evolve, so does your vision.

These days, I feel thankful that my soul mate vision hasn’t manifested into reality yet. I’m still refining it as I grow and change.

For example, the setting for my vision used to be Bali, and now this has changed.

After doing inner child therapy in Tuscany, I was reborn as an Italian because I had an Italian mother.

So the setting for my future vision is now more connected to Europe than Bali!

This is just one part where there are significant shifts. I’m so looking forward to writing everything down tonight when I do the ritual.

Remember, you need to be as clear and as specific as possible when writing your vision.

You can’t get clarity about your future vision until you’ve done the inner work and connected with your authentic self.

That’s why there is so many law of attraction tools and tips out there. Yet, not everyone manages to manifest their desires!

These powerful law of attraction tips only work if you’re:

a) super confident and don’t have any limiting beliefs and had a very positive childhood experience.

Or, b) have done the profound spiritual growth and released your limiting beliefs and core wounds.

When I spoke about the different stages of the manifestation process, I explained the last step, which is: acting as if you already have your desire.

This is the main stage and the one which can speed up the manifestation process. However, getting to the point where you feel that you already have your desire takes conscious effort, commitment and patience.

From my personal experience, there’s no way that you can feel as if you already have your desire unless you’ve done a good amount of inner work and deep healing.

Why is that?

It’s because of your limiting beliefs about yourself and what you deserve will get in the way.

You see, old patterns, thoughts, paradigms and unconscious beliefs will keep telling you other things.

You won’t be able to connect to your authentic self until you’ve uncovered it from underneath the family and societal conditioning.

No matter how much clarity you have about your future vision and how much detail you can add when you write it, it’s not going to manifest unless you’ve done a considerable amount of releasing and healing.

You might wonder: What about those people who lead successful lives or found love?

There are to types: 

Most are either connecting with their old conditioning and are manifesting a life aligned with that level or version of themselves (the old conditioned one). Others have had a trauma-free and positive childhood, and that’s why it’s easy for them to manifest their dream reality.

Those of us who endured some trauma and negative childhood experience have a lot of work to do before we can eventually manifest our perfect lives or vision.

That’s why I thought of sharing with you the truth and fact about the law of attraction.

It’s not that it doesn’t work straight away or doesn’t work for everyone. There’s ‘behind the scenes’ work that needs to be done at the same time for it to work.

Acting as if you have a Partner or Lover

If you’re at a good place, where you’ve connected with your authentic self and are loving yourself enough to emit the right energy, then you will find that ‘acting as if’ is more natural to you.

It’s not a thing that you do; it’s more like a way of being.

Let’s say that you’re into art and love to paint. If you connect to that inner artist and creative within, then you will spend days painting and creating art.

That way, you are already aligned with your soul mate vision, and you don’t need to pretend or ‘feel’ anything additional to what you are already feeling.

Because when you vibrate with joy and are following your passion, you become a magnet to your desire.

So instead of focusing on the soul mate vision, you are more focused on your vision (and that’s aligned with your soul mate vision as well!).

Focus on Releasing Old Patterns

What you need to do is focus on releasing the old patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Once you connect to your authentic self, you’ll be living out of that version of yourself. Then, you will naturally attract everything you desire.

I hope that I’ve made this clear. It’s a topic that I’ve just recently experienced myself, and I wanted to share this tip with you.

Because many preach about how the Law of Attraction is simple, yet no one is explaining the real process.

That it only works if you’re lining up with the version of you which already feels excellent and worthy.

But if you’re still operating from a subconscious, limiting place, then your reality will continue to move in that same loop!

I wish you a lovely and powerful New Moon ritual!


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New Moon: Acting as if you already have your desire

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