How to Attract Anything With New Moon Manifestation Magic!

On Tuesday, May 11, we had a New Moon in Taurus, and it was powerful.

I made dinner plans with a friend who was in town for that night. I randomly chose Tuesday evening for our dinner, which was the New Moon night.

My friend also had her birthday on April 27, and she was in town as a birthday gift from her friend.

Right before the dinner, I had a virtual date scheduled, and the guy didn’t show up. My intuition told me that he wouldn’t, so I wasn’t surprised 🙂

One of the best things that happened to me in this pandemic season is developing my intuition. It’s powerful now.

Of course, I didn’t give much attention to the fact that this person missed our six-day-in-advance set date.

Because I know that dating is all about sorting through profiles and matches until you find your person.

Plus, I spent an entire year building my self-worth and loving myself. So I feel very confident with dating situations.

What happened later that evening was magical!

The Energy of Allowing and Receiving

When I first learned about Full Moon and New Moon Manifestation rituals, I would do these rituals with an energy of need and desperation.

I would be trying to control the outcome and force things to happen.

I wasn’t doing the rituals from a calm and peaceful place. Instead, I was coming from a place of lack and desperation.

Of course, this energy repels the desire. And although I manifested two men after two powerful rituals with friends, these manifestations were lessons from the Universe.

What happened on Tuesday was different. Let me explain.

My friend and I were having a conversation after dinner about the New Moon and the new vibration shift.

Right at that moment, our upbeat and friendly server came over to the table and handed us these cards and said: “write your wishes on them. We’re going to hang them on our wish tree.”

We were both pleasantly surprised – especially since we’ve been talking about manifesting our partners that night and on the precious time we met!

We also spoke about how my friend manifested her dream job in her hometown after coaching sessions with me.

Manifestation Success Story

You can read her success story on my Soul Collective site here.

Because we were grateful for her career manifestation, the Universe sent us something new to be grateful for!

That’s why expressing gratitude in each moment of your day is so essential for manifesting miracles.

What’s even more interesting about this story is that the restaurant’s wish tree is still a work in progress!

So our wishes will be first on the tree, and of course, they are already manifested.

We each wrote our wish as if it already happened and handed the cards back to the lovely server.

Setting Intentions from an Energy of Knowing and Trusting

What was different this time is that I wasn’t planning a New Moon Manifestation ritual with my friend.

We went out for dinner to celebrate her birthday and were having a good time.

I chose the spot because I heard that the food is good and I like Japanese food.

So because we were vibrating high, the place has good energy, and the staff are friendly, the Universe presented us with an opportunity to be grateful for another thing!

Unlike the previous times when I did soulmate manifestation rituals with friends, there was flow and ease.

Because I was living from a place of allowing and being open to receiving, I received a magical gift from the Universe.

I wasn’t trying hard or forcing something. It was all organic, and things unfolded naturally for us.

When you manifest from a place of knowing and trusting that your man is on his way, things can happen fast.

Because the more you trust that what’s yours is coming to you, the more power you give to your manifestation.

If you need support with writing your soulmate wish list, check out this blog post for some tips.

The New Moon in Taurus energy is still around us. It lasts for four days before and after the New Moon.

So you still have time to script your dream life and dream partner.

Doing the Inner Work

And if you find it challenging to be in an energy of allowing and receiving, it could be because you still have some inner work to do.

Because until you feel 100% worthy of your dream partner, you can’t magnetize him to you.

Plus, when you don’t feel confident and worthy of a loving and amazing man, you aren’t an energetic match to this type.

I can tell you from my personal experience that until you let go of your limiting beliefs and blocks, you will continue to attract old dating patterns and back-to-back lessons.

That’s precisely what happened when I manifested two matches in the past two years.

If you’re single and ready to work with a certified coach who blends NLP, spirituality and the law of attraction, get in touch.

I have limited spots available for both online and offline coaching for June.

Are you manifesting from a place of need and desperation? Do you find yourself attached to the outcome? are you trying to control the manifestation process?

Have you tried a new moon manifestation before?

Let me know in the comments!


New Moon Manifestation

New Moon Manifestation

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