Naples Food Tour with Culinary Backstreets

I decided to just write about my one-month trip to Italy instead of sticking to the weekly blog topic routine.

If you missed the first post from my Campania trip, you can read it here.

Being a real foodie, I’ve been wanting to join a food tour with Culinary Backstreets since I found out about them at the start of the pandemic or something. I immediately contacted them to inquire about the tour and booking. Then I chose a date to join and it was on my second full day in Napoli.

Culinary Backstreets run food tours in different cities and countries around the world. You can check out their tours here.

Naples Food Tour

The tour started at 2:30 pm and ended at around 9:00 pm. What you should know is that the tour isn’t only about sampling the famous dishes and foods in a city. It’s more than that.

The Naples tour took us to the historic, family-owned businesses that have been operating for generations.

We went to the oldest place for Mozzarella, Friselle, Baba (sponge rum cake) and the famous Il Fiocco pastries.

We also strolled around the Sanita neighbourhood market and tried a typical juice made with baking soda that helps with digestion.

I will let you join the food tour to experience it for yourself. It was so good I plan to book it again next year!

I do plan to go back to Napoli in May of next year. Definitely in the low season to avoid the heat, tourists and crowds.

It was also interesting that one of Culinary Backstreets’ co-founders was attending the tour on that day with his wife. So it was a great opportunity to learn about the company background and how they started running tours.

Did you join any exciting food tours in Napoli? If so, let me know in the comments!

Leaving you with a few snapshots from the Saturday tour. Stay tuned for a new travel story from Naples tomorrow!


Pre-food tour Shakerato


Culinary Backstreets


Culinary Backstreets


Culinary Backstreets



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