Manifesting from Abundance Versus Lack

I’ve been missing in action for the past week because my dad was in town and I was spending most of the days with him.

I wrote a blog post about healing the relationship with the masculine energy a while back when he visited last time. You can read it here.

Today’s tip is a deeper dive into healing the relationship with the masculine energy or father figure in your life.

While the healing work was very intense and took three years to integrate, the results have been decisive.

At the end of October 2019, I did intense inner child group therapy work. It took about three years to fully integrate that work. The results were healing the relationship with my dad, forgiving my mother, cutting off most of my old friends and finding my true self.

My upcoming book talks about the process of manifesting love for insecure women. I’ll also share details about where I did inner child work in that ebook. Stay tuned for updates by signing up for the newsletter here.

Manifesting from Abundance

When you have a healthy relationship with your caregivers, you don’t feel like you’re looking for someone to fill any void in your life. It truly feels like you have everything and want nothing. That’s the ultimate vibration for manifesting everything you dream of.

Because when you’re constantly looking and feeling like you don’t have your desire, you attract more lack and ‘not having’ in your reality.

These days, I feel like as long as I’m alive and healthy and my father is also alive and healthy, then I really don’t want anything.

A lot has changed in me during this pandemic season. The main thing is that I shifted from the vibration of ‘wanting’ to ‘trusting’.

I had a psychic medium tell me once that my energy is all about ‘wanting’, and that’s what’s blocking my desire from coming to me.

Now I can say that I understand what she meant and am living the opposite of that vibration. I feel like I’m abundant and have everything that I could ever dream of.

Having Everything You Dream Of

Yes, it would be nice to be in a healthy romantic relationship with a loving partner. But I no longer feel that desperation or strong desire. It’s more like a feeling of indifference. Which is precisely how you want to feel when using the law of attraction to manifest love.

The couple of days that I spent with my dad were lovely. I ate so much great food and cupcakes that I started a diet and a workout routine.

I’m grateful, though because that week with my dad was my catalyst to finally start controlling my food portions and commit to a workout routine.

I’m off to try the new 2KG dumbbells I ordered for my dance cardio session. I love working out at home and committing to a daily activity schedule.

I think I will cover this topic on Wednesday. How you can find a workout that you enjoy so you can commit to it.

Until then, happy Manifestation Monday!


Manifesting from Abundance

Manifesting from abundance

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