Manifesting from a Place of Feeling Whole and Complete

Last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post was about how effortless manifesting can be when the place feels aligned.

Today, I want to share another important tip to fast-track your manifesting. And it’s inspired by my recent update: Joining a fitness studio.

OK, I’m sitting at a cafe writing this blog post until it’s time for my salon appointment. I’m getting ready for my second trip to Italy on Thursday, and I’ll be sharing updates here and on my Twitter – feel free to follow me there.

A lot has happened lately. So many vibration shifts are mainly thanks to one simple decision: joining a gym with a positive vibe.

How I manifested this gym

The story of how I manifested this fitness studio is mentioned in my book – which will be published soon. I used to go to a certain community mall for grocery shopping for months. I would have coffee at a cafe there and then head to the store to get groceries. This community mall is not located in my neighbourhood and is a 12-minute car ride.

After about eight months or so of going there, I was approached by a fitness coach promoting the new gym. At first, I asked: “Will you have dance cardio sessions?”

The coach looked at me as if I were an alien and then explained the perks of joining the strength training gym. I’ll share more about this gym in Wednesday’s blog post. For now, I wanted to share the story of how I manifested the gym and its positive impact on my vibration and energy.

Be happy on your own first

Although I have only had five sessions so far at the gym, I already feel a huge shift in my mood and vibration. I feel energetic and good. And I feel like, after 12 years of living in Dubai, I finally found a place that feels aligned and a positive community.

I’ve now paused my membership until I get back from my trip. But I can’t wait to get back to training and see the results of the workouts on my body, strength and emotional health.

It’s such a beautiful manifestation story that I also had to share it in my book. It took months to manifest the gym, but it was worth it!

I chose to share this story to encourage you to find ways to be happy on your own and feel good.

Despite being cliche, it’s true that you must be happy on your own before you can manifest a healthy relationship.

You want to be living a wonderful life that you feel proud of. This doesn’t mean you don’t continue working on yourself and your spiritual growth. It simply means that you feel good while doing that. That’s what matters.

Feeling Whole and Complete

To sum it up, you’re not looking for a man to save you from your miserable life and existence (which was my case in the past). Instead, you’re manifesting a person who will enhance your already amazing and wonderful life.

You want to be feeling good about yourself and your life first. Then, manifesting a supportive partner becomes natural and easy.

Another interesting reason and LOA-related principle are that when you’re manifesting from a place of feeling whole and complete, you’re not feeling desperate and are not blocking the manifestation.

When you’re manifesting from a place of feeling great and loving your life, you feel indifferent whether you have this person or not. And that’s how you should be feeling when manifesting using the law of attraction.

I’m so grateful for manifesting this gym because I truly feel this way about manifesting my person now. I feel like it’s great to have someone, but I’m also happy with my current life situation exactly as it is. And this is the right vibration for manifesting.

I’m excited about my upcoming trip, especially since summer’s heat and humidity are high!

I’m looking forward to exploring a new part of Italy, eating great food, and immersing myself in the culture.

I’ll try to write as many blog posts as I can from the south of Italy. I still didn’t share everything from my first trip.

I want to know: What’s one thing you can do today to help you feel better about yourself and your life?

Stay tuned for more advanced law of attraction tips and real-life stories to back them up!

Happy Manifestation Monday!


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