Manifesting a Healthy Relationship: The Prerequisite of Inner Work

I thought this full moon was light and easy, but I was wrong. I was surprised at how nothing crazy happened, like each full moon.

The full moon energy lasts four days after the full moon day, so today was the finale.

This morning, the cab driver I took was drowsy, and he took the wrong route, which made us stay in traffic for no reason. Then, when I finally reached the cafe I was going to, it turned out that they had a training session!

So I took another cab to a nearby place and although the breakfast was good, the service wasn’t and the waiter had a cold.

The location of that other place was also not convenient and they had construction right outside the building!

Then, when I wanted to leave, it took the cab driver a long time to get there because of the location.

So basically, all of the ease I experienced in the past week with this full moon came back tenfold this morning!

Anyway, full moons are times for releasing old energy so it’s all in our own benefit. We’re constantly shedding the old to make space for new experiences to enter our lives.

In today’s post, I wanted to highlight the importance of doing the inner work before manifesting a relationship.

I still remember when I connected with a woman who was doing the deep energy healing work. When I first got in touch with her, I had just been doing general wellness retreats in Bali. But I was called to do something deeper.

Anyway, after hanging out with her a few times. I mentioned how I would like to be in a relationship. She told me that I first need to be in a good place before I can be in a loving relationship. Although I didn’t like her words back then, she was absolutely right!

The truth is that until we resolve our old patterns and deep wounds, we will keep re-creating them. So being in a healthy relationship is impossible because we’re not ready for that type of connection.

It wasn’t until I was 38, that I started the deep healing work. This is because I only started my healing journey at 36. And even then, it was with general wellness retreats in Bali. Of course, I needed to do the deeper work. Because I set the intention to heal my childhood wounds, I was eventually led to the energy healing work that matches my soul and what I need to do.

After three and a half years of integrating all types of healing work, I can say that I’m in a good place to be in a healthy relationship.

The journey back to myself wasn’t easy but it was worth every second. And I’m so grateful that I committed to doing the work.

I share this story today because I realized that healing the relationship with my dad and mastering the skill of setting boundaries were my major milestones and achievements.

All the tips and insights are shared in my upcoming ebook which will be published on the blog soon. So stay tuned and sign up for updates.

On my dad’s last trip to town, I realized how big of an achievement it was to heal my relationship with him.

I also now find it easy to say no and set clear boundaries with all types of people who I encounter in my life.

It feel so empowering to be living from this place of self-actualization and self-worth. I just love where I am in my life.

On another note, I’m now excited for my semi-move to Bali. I’ll be sorting out admin stuff in the next few weeks.

I already made dinner reservations for my 43rd birthday at an upscale beachside restaurant in Seminyak. So excited!

When in the mystical island, I’ll be sharing weekly stories from life there. So stay tuned to the blog to read them!

Until next Monday, I will sign off.




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