Manifestation Vision Board: How to Create One

Last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post was about toxic attraction and how that’s a clear sign that you still need to do the inner work before you can manifest a healthy relationship. You can read that story here.

Although I’ve been sharing manifestation tips and stories for ages, I realized that I never spoke about vision boards.

The main reason that I never wrote about vision boards as a tool for manifestation is that I didn’t start using them until very recently!

Let me share with you how my dream life vision board creation evolved into what it is today.

At first, I only had a basic digital vision board in the form of pictures on my phone’s photo album. That album contained all sorts of pictures that I either saved from Instagram or took myself. They all represented different elements of my dream life.

The problem with this type of vision board is that you forget about it and don’t really see it. Although I kept adding pictures to that dedicated album, I rarely took the time to review the images or go through them. So the vision board was more like an invisible one.

I was doing this for years. Then, one day, someone told me that she created a physical vision board by cutting out papers from magazines and other sources. And she suggested that I do the same. I still didn’t do a physical vision board as I wasn’t ready.

I did order a beautiful coffee table book that’s a photo journal of different Italian coastal towns. So that was part of my dream life in a visual book on my coffee table. It was a great start but it wasn’t the entire vision!

Options for Vision Boards

In my upcoming ebook, I share with you how you can create a vision board that’s aligned with your dream life. But for now, let me share the basics.

  1. Use a vision board app. I came across an app that helped you create your dream life movie. The layout was very basic and I used slides with pictures from that photo album of mine to add to the movie. I also added a background song and that was it. Very basic and simple. But it does the job and it helps you feel the emotions of your dream life when you play it.
  2. Use pieces of paper or posters. I will admit to you that until my last two trips to Italy, I didn’t have a vision board. In my trip to Alassio, I found a bookstore that sold really cool vintage Italian posters. Although they were reproductions of original posters, the paper quality was really good. The best part? I managed to find lovely elements of my dream life in these posters. Needless to say, I bought so many and I have them on my walls in the apartment. I also got a few more from my trip to Napoli later in the summer. The good thing about having your vision board in posters is that you always see it!
  3. Use a picture that reflects your dream life as your phone and laptop wallpaper. The picture that’s in this post is the same one that I’ve had on my phone wallpaper since my trip to Alassio. It was taken by me at the Muretto di Alassio.

What types of vision boards do you have? Which one do you like the most?

Bonus Tip

An important part of manifesting your dream person and life is tuning into the emotions and feelings of that dream life.

The more you can feel those feelings now, the faster you can attract that person and life to you. It’s one of the law of attraction principles.

Another bonus tip is to consider gender roles when creating your vision board. What does your future self do? Is she a stay-at-home mom? Does she run her own business? Or does she support her partner in his business?

I write about how my own vision of gender roles shifted after doing the deep healing work in this post.

So when creating your physical or digital vision board, try integrating gender roles into it. And inject emotions into your dream life story as much as you can. This will amplify the power of your vision board.

If you’re still confused about vision boards or have any questions, feel free to post in the comments!


Manifestation Vision Boards

Manifestation Vision Boards

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