How to Find your Soulmate: Why Toxic Attraction is a Sign

Last week, I wrote a blog post about manifesting with the energy of need and desperation and how this impacts attracting your person. You can read it here.

There are so many reasons why your manifesting is taking a long time, and I thought of sharing another one today.

When I used dating apps in the past, I didn’t realize that I was attracting toxic and emotionally unavailable men because I was in a similar place.

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When using the law of attraction, you’re constantly manifesting. What and who you manifest reflects your inner world and vibration.

So if you’re still not connected to your emotions and able to process them healthily, then you’ll attract other people who mirror these behaviors and actions to you. It’s as simple as that.

To know where you are at any point in time, you must observe the type of people you’re attracting. Whether this attraction is online or in real life. What matters is the energy and vibration that you’re emitting.

How to Find your Soulmate

Many dating coaches and experts will tell you to choose different types than usual when dating. But if you don’t do the deep healing work to shift your old patterns, there’s no way that you can choose or attract differently.

You can only attract different types by building your self-worth and healing your past wounds. This is a long journey, and it takes persistence and determination.

Most people want a quick fix for everything, but that doesn’t work with manifestation.

Manifestation is about doing the inner work that takes you closer to your dream life and person. Because there’s no way that you can attract a healthy and loving relationship when you’re still living from a toxic place and vibration.

I promise you that you will start attracting high-quality and secure men once you shift your old patterns and ways. This is not an overnight job; it takes going through past wounds and patterns to shift them.

I’m confident in what I’m sharing because this is what I experienced myself.

Before doing the deep healing work to acknowledge and release my old patterns, I used to attract all types of toxic and emotionally unavailable men.

These days, things are entirely different. I attract high-quality men only. Even if I encounter toxic types, I walk away or withdraw from the situation without engaging.

So if you’re still attracting toxic or emotionally unavailable men, this is a clear sign that there’s more spiritual growth work that you need to do. Trust me on this.

I hope this manifestation tip was helpful Let me know if you have any questions or topics you want me to cover in future posts.


How to Find your Soulmate

How to find your soulmate

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