Manifestation Tip: Surround yourself with Optimistic, Heart-centered People

I used to lift weights with a personal trainer three times a week. It was after I injured my knees from a Zumba obsession.

The one-hour training sessions were great for my strength and body shape, not so much for my emotional wellbeing.

I truly believe that we attract certain people into our lives to help us learn a certain lesson and grow as individuals.

This time, the lesson was about surrounding myself with people who are heart-centered and not mind-identified.

What’s the Difference?

I was raised in a home where both my parents lived from a mind-identified place. They were completely disconnected from their heart, soul or emotions.

I know very well what mind-identified people are like because I used to be one!

After doing the deep inner work and spiritual growth, I managed to shift my being to a more heart-connected way.

Of course, this is still a work in process, but I’m proud to say that I’ve come a long way.

When you’re totally living in the mind, you are disconnected from source energy and the Universe.

Everything becomes a real struggle because you’re constantly thinking, analyzing and processing every decision.

Living from a heart-centered space makes life so easy and effortless – and who doesn’t want that?!

It feels so good to be connected to your intuition and to make decisions based on that inner guidance and feeling.

When you’re at a good level of being connected to your soul and intuition, you even start attracting clues and signs for your next step or project. Life seems so beautiful this way.

How can I know if Someone is Heart-centered?

Let me share an example. When I used to train with that personal training, we once had a conversation about Instagram engagement.

Since I would do professional photoshoots with a talented photographer – who I met by following my intuition – most of the pictures on my feed are very professional and aesthetically-pleasing.

My personal trainer said: “Doesn’t it feel bad when you put so much effort in your pictures and the engagement is low?”

This statement only comes from someone who lives from a mind-identified place and is so realistic.

The truth is that when doing anything, there’s a knowledge gap. There’s always room for improvement and learning.

After attending a couple of Instagram personal branding workshops, I realized that I can add quotes and other images to make the feed less about me and more about the customer.

This was what needed to shift and it has nothing to do with the effort or quality of the pictures!

It was a simple ‘what’s the next thing that I need to learn about personal branding in Instagram?’ mindset.

When you’re not stuck in your head, you can see things from a different perspective.

You make space for creativity and new ideas to show up. You’re in constant growth and movement.

How this Links to a Manifestation Tip

When we’re surrounded by people who are aligned with our true self, we vibrate high and can manifest faster.

Imagine if everyone in your connections was supportive and optimistic all the time. You would grow and reach higher places.

No matter how much inner work and meditation you do, if your social circle or connections are realistic, mind-identified people, they will pull you down and block your growth.

I know how it feels to be connected to these people because I was raised by them!

I invite you to start living from a heart-centered and optimistic place, so you can attract supportive and thoughtful people into your life.

Do you feel like your connections are realistic and mind-identified?

Is your social circle made up of people who focus on the problem, instead of the solution?

Do your connections bring you down or make you feel that you’re not good enough?

It’s time to shift your own way of being to become a magnet for a supportive and loving community.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this manifestation tip!

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