Manifestation Monday: Your Vibrational Energy Creates your Reality

Last Saturday, I decided to treat myself to a good breakfast at a nice cafe. What was different was the fact that the cafe wasn’t in my neighborhood or even somewhere nearby. This was a spot that was in a totally different part of Dubai that I can only get to by cab.

I’ve never been to that area because it’s considered out of the way and it’s mostly a residential area.

When you’re single and working on manifesting a partner, it’s important to act as if you already have one.

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Back to the story. After my lovely breakfast, I decided to walk over to a nearby cafe to have coffee and spend some time.

As I sat at the cafe facing a window and watching people pass by, a certain sight grabbed my attention.

I saw a young lady – around my age or a bit younger – dressed in activewear who walked towards the cafe.

She was walking very fast and she looked frazzled and anxious. Her energy emitted that of a single woman who’s juggling a million things and who’s feeling anxious and disoriented.

I watched her as she chose to take the side door of the cafe, order her coffee and then head out.

What was interesting was how closely she mirrored me – on the days when I’m also juggling a million things alone.

It suddenly hit me. I realized how my energy was emitting that of a single person and how this isn’t a match for my future self.

You Vibrational Energy Creates your Reality

Seeing that lady was a powerful message from the Universe. It was a clue for me to pay attention to my energy and vibration.

The Universe understands energy. No matter how much I act like I’m in a relationship or how many meals I go out for alone in an effort to act as if I already have a partner, if my energy doesn’t match that reality, then all of this ‘acting as if’ is useless.

Think about your future self – the one who’s already enjoying a healthy and loving relationship.

How does she feel, think and act?

Does she feel calm, grounded and centered? Is she having positive thoughts? Does she act from a place of feeling confident and secure?

If you know what your dream life looks like, then it’s easy for you to start adjusting your thoughts and emotions to match this life.

Start doing things that will help you line up with that reality. Things that bring you joy and good vibes.

Because my dream life is filled with bliss, peace and joy, I’m working on aligning my energy with exactly these emotions.

One small thing that I can do is go out for breakfast once a week and take a break from the daily hustle and grind.

I also invest time in getting monthly massages to re-connect with my body and recharge it.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it’s aligned with your future self and the vibrational energy that comes with it.

Being single and independent can be challenging at times. And if you don’t pay attention to your vibration, you could be re-creating the same reality for yourself over and over again.

Let me know what actions can you take to help you get closer to manifesting your dream life and partner?

Vibrational Energy

Your vibrational energy creates your reality

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