Manifestation Monday: Why are you not Manifesting Yet?

Happy Manifestation Monday!

There are so many exciting things coming to Saudi Diva and Soul Collective. One thing that I’m looking forward to sharing with you is a tribe-dedicated Facebook Group! We can discuss topics like synchronicity, advanced law of attraction tips and our manifestation progress.

Manifesting a Soul Mate

Today’s post is personal because it’s related to something I’ve been doing wrong in my manifestation journey.

As many of you know, I’m working towards manifesting a soul companion or soul mate.

These days, I truly believe that I already manifested this desire. It’s only a matter of time before it appears in my reality.

Manifesting a soul mate is also strongly linked to my personal and spiritual growth path. As I do the inner work involved in expanding to the next level of my soul, I get closer to my outcome.

When manifesting the big stuff, we must shift into a higher version of ourselves which matches the new vision.

Let me share with you a simple example.

Your New Vision Must Match the Higher Version of You

My soul mate vision includes someone who can make my life easier – and I don’t mean this in a financial context.

What I’m looking for is someone who understands me, supports my goals and who shares my life’s moments and responsibilities.

So the new vision or life I’m working to co-create with the Universe involves ease and effortlessness.

What I later realized is that because of my conditioning, I choose the hard way in almost every moment of my living!

When faced with two options, I would always go for the harder, more challenging choice!

After a while of doing this, I realized how contradictory this type of behavior is to my soulmate vision!

If I’m looking to manifest ease, flow and effortlessness, how will I ever attract this physical reality when I’m not an energetic match to it? If you need to learn more about this concept, read this previous post.

Be Aware of your Current Vibration or Energy

It’s simply not possible to attract or manifest anything which doesn’t match your current vibration or energy.

Since my dominant vibration (and behavior) was to choose the hard and difficult way when getting anything done, I wasn’t a match to my mainly effortless and flowing soul mate vision/reality.

This is where bringing awareness and consciousness becomes important.

When confronted with a situation which requires you to choose between doing things in the old way or habit or taking a different action, choose the new behavior. That’s how you can get one step closer to your desire. All it takes is a shift in your old beliefs, thoughts and habits.

Think of Your Desired Outcome or Vision

Now think of your desired outcome or vision, how are you supporting its manifestation into your reality?

Are you still following old paradigms and thinking in negative or outdated thought patterns?

Do you find yourself mindful of each thought and action and whether it matches your outcome?

Are you making positive changes to your daily habits and behaviors to match your new, magical reality?

If you need help getting clarity on what you are doing wrong when manifesting, inquire about my life-changing coaching sessions here.


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