Manifestation Monday: Stay Solution-focused when Manifesting!

Happy Manifestation Monday. I’ll keep this post about being solution-focused short because I’m not feeling well today.

I’ve been getting comments about having confidence when manifesting. So I thought to write about that topic.

Challenges will Come Up So Stay Solution-Focused

While manifesting using the law of attraction is such a fun and exciting process, it’s also meant to be challenging.

Not everyone can manifest using LOA and it takes a lot of different things to be successful at it.

It takes courage, doing the inner work to clear your limiting beliefs and uncover your true self and trusting that you’re worthy of your dream vision or desire.

While I’ve been working on manifesting a life partner for some time, I’m truly enjoying the process and pivoting along the way.

Even when you’re crystal clear about your dream vision, the Universe will constantly test you. It will make sure that you truly want what you said you wanted and that you won’t settle for less.

What happens with many people is that they’re not familiar with the main signs that you’re getting close to manifesting and so they give up before they get there. You can explore these five main signs in this blog post.

Let me give an example from my personal journey when manifesting a partner.

When dating or putting myself out there, men who don’t have the slightest thing to do with my dream partner will keep showing up.

Most people will get disappointed and discouraged when this happens and they will loose faith in the process.

Of course once you loose faith and don’t believe that it can happen for you, then there’s no way you can attract it.

What I do when this shows up for me is that I stay solution-focused. I understand that the Universe wants me to be sure of what I’m manifesting and wants to test my faith. I don’t allow these mis-matches to shake my faith in the process.

Instead, I use this as a lesson and I focus on the solution every time this happens.

Think of it as Creating a Database

What if you looked at these non-matching profiles of men as sources for you to create your perfect soulmate wish list?

Because essentially that’s why you keep encountering them!

Imagine if each time you met someone who was a complete opposite to what you’re looking for in a partner, you actually used that piece of information to refine your soulmate wish list?

Let’s say you meet a smoker and you get so annoyed with the way they smell and the fact that they have to constantly take smoking breaks. Use that as a positive sign from the Universe guiding you to what you really want to manifest!

So you can go and add the trait ‘non-smoker’ to your list! and just like that, you’ve gotten closer to what you want to manifest!

The secret is to stay focused on what you want to create and ignore the other noise. Just let go of what’s not a match with confidence and knowing. Your dream partner is waiting for you to line up with him and be united with you.

Believe that you are Worthy of your Vision

When you have an unshakeable trust that your dream vision is possible and that you truly can manifest it, everything becomes so easy and effortless.

You start to attract messages and guidance from the Universe and you start taking inspired action. Everything flows and you get better at letting go of everything that doesn’t resonate or align with your desire.

To get to that stage, you must work on releasing your limiting beliefs and identifying your negative patterns.

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Staying solution-focused when manifesting

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