Manifestation Blocks: Decluttering Old Energy in your Home

What are your plans for the summer? I’m excited for an upcoming trip to Europe. I’ll write about it while I’m there. I’m especially excited since the temperatures will reach 44 degrees in Dubai on the day before my trip. Perfect time for a getaway to somewhere cooler.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post with some Feng Shui tips for clearing old energy in the home. You can read it here.

One of the tips in that article is decluttering and I wanted to dedicate today’s post to it, because it’s the most important tip.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always decluttering my place. Before moving to my current apartment in mid-April of 2019, I made sure to only take the things that I felt had a good energy to them. Since then, I was being mindful of what I buy and I wouldn’t keep things that I didn’t need. If you moved houses in the past, you will know what happens when you discover that you own a lot of junk. That’s why, I’m now more mindful of what I buy.

In the past couple of months, I started decluttering again. This time, it was different. I wasn’t getting rid of old stuff or junk. I was clearing the items that I feel had a bad energy to them. Let me explain.

Before doing the deep healing work, I didn’t act in a high-value way. I didn’t see my value and so my thoughts and actions reflected a low self-worth and sense of self.

Low-value behavior from others was also something I accepted. I kept connections that were toxic or were not aligned with my high value.

The result? the energy of these times when I didn’t value myself stays in my place. That’s because old clothes hold old energy.

So until you release these personal belongings and old items, the low energy that you had in those times still lingers in your home and of course energy field.

The Final Decluttering Session

Like I said, I’ve been taking time to clear old clothes and stuff from my cupboard for the past few months. I was almost done but I decided to do a final check on my wardrobe. Just to make sure that I cleared out everything that didn’t feel aligned with my new self and energy.

So yesterday, as I was checking a top shelf in my wardrobe (the final decluttering session), a square envelope fell off from that top shelf and landed on the floor. I was shocked to discover that the envelope had brochures and pieces of paper from my first trip to a meditation center where I did the deep healing work.

The healing work that I did in two back-to-back workshops that I attended in that trip were related to primal breath and opening the heart for love.

One of the workshop sessions required us to make a drawing of a traumatic memory from our childhood. And this specific piece of drawing stood out to me as I looked in the envelope to see what’s inside!

This is when I realized that the pain and trauma from my childhood was blocking my love manifestation.

Of course, it was essential to do the work and to confront the pain in order to move on with my life. But keeping the memories in a drawing format in my clothes wardrobe is certainly a bad idea when it comes to manifesting!

And because I’m a type who likes to keep things that have sentimental value, I kept the notes and pieces of paper in an envelope and then forgot about it.

The Universe is Supporting you

While I kept the envelope in my wardrobe since I did the work in late September 2018 (which means that I brought it with me when I moved house), the Universe had another idea.

The envelope simply fell on its own from the top shelf of the wardrobe. This was a powerful sign from the Universe. The Universe wanted me to clear old energy (including painful childhood memories) from my space.

My first thought when the envelope fell down and I looked inside was that I have to get rid of it. It was too obvious because I was approaching the end of my last decluttering session. And that’s the irony in the story too.

The irony is that I kept getting rid of old clothes, bags, pillows and all sorts of random things. Yet, the main item that had great pain and low energy was hiding in the top of my wardrobe!

This morning, I took the last batch of clothes (three items) and a few old bags to the donation box. And it felt good to finally release all of the old energy.

Of course I immediately threw out the envelope once I discovered its contents. And that feels good too.

Do you feel like manifesting your dream life or person is not moving forward? If so, why not take some time out to declutter your space and see what shows up for you?!

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