Living in the Past? Focus on What you Want to Create Instead

I’ve been feeling depleted in the past week or so. This is why I didn’t write a blog post in a while.

It’s also the Full Moon energy effect. How are you feeling these days?

What are you excited about?

I personally don’t celebrate any religious holidays and I consider myself spiritual. I don’t judge anyone who practices religion and I accept their beliefs.

Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you follow any specific religion? Are you spiritual? Are you into spirituality?

I’m so excited about a week-long staycation that I booked for next week. I’ll be celebrating New Year’s eve with a dinner at a lovely beach resort. It’s all part of acting as if I already have my dream life and partner.

Stay tuned for more about my staycation as I’ll be taking my laptop with me and I’ll be sharing pictures from there. It’s actually my first time to visit that emirate and I’m really excited! We can go to the beach in December in the UAE and that’s something that I’m grateful for. Although I gained a lot of weight since the start of the pandemic, I still went and bought new swimsuits and will be wearing a full swimsuit to the beach 🙂

What are you excited about? Let me know in the comments!

Do you have an Analytical Mind?

Do you find yourself living in the past?

Are you the type who likes to analyze every single thing and think of the past so much? I’m like that in the sense that I analyze a lot, especially when things go wrong. I try to think of how I attracted that specific situation or person!

The truth is that this mindset isn’t helpful for manifesting magical things like a healthy relationship.

When manifesting, you want to focus your thoughts and emotions on what you want to create. And then, when you attract things or people that are not aligned with that future dream life, think of it as old energy and let it go. Don’t overanalyze it and just let it go. Then keep holding on the vision of what you want to create instead.

This might sound challenging to do especially if you’re an analytical personality and like to think of how and why things happen.

Trust me, with practice, you can stop analyzing negative things and see them as old energy that needed to be released.

Things tend to go wrong and messed up in the full moon phase too. It’s when your energy body is purging the old and letting it go.

So when things get really messed up and go wrong, practice letting it go and not analyzing it. Living in the past will not help you.

Then, once the full moon energy is behind you, focus on your intention again and your dream life vision.

Trust me, with practice, this gets so easy and effortless to do. I now pay attention to how crazy things happen at the time of the full moon and I see it as some old energy being released. I simply think: “Oh of course this is happening now, it’s the full moon!”

Keep Holding on to your Vision

A bodyworks therapist once told me that manifesting takes time. She was a mature woman who was doing energy body work. She said that the people who teach manifestation on podcasts make it seem like it’s instant. But in reality it takes time.

I agree with her words about it taking time and also that we need to grow spiritually to align with our dream life.

So in the end, it’s also about doing the inner work and releasing the old patterns, limiting beliefs and energy.

I’ll end the post here. Let me know what your thoughts are on this subject and what your plans are for the holiday season!


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