7 Elephants Dubai Restaurant Review: Friday Night Out

Happy Sunday people! I hope you had a good weekend whether it was a relaxed, social or busy one. I personally did all three over the three days 🙂

Quick Update

Thursday evening was day five of the 14-day Zumba challenge, so we had one hour of Zumba followed by an hour of Kundalini yoga (this was the relaxing part of my weekend).
I got to catch up with some friends on Friday evening and that’s when I managed to check out the relatively new 7 Elephants Dubai. It’a a restaurant/lounge/shisha kind of place. Perfect if you like to smoke shisha and have a drink on the side 🙂

7 Elephants Dubai

The other good thing about this funky night spot is the beautiful downtown views and outdoor seating. My friend and I sat in the ‘VIP lounge’ area and the couches were so comfortable that we didn’t want our time there to end. It’s also a good place for group gatherings as they have long tables that can take many guests.
Since I’m committing to the Zumba challenge this week and traveling to Bali next Saturday, I should be watching my diet and avoid overeating. These are all good habits. That’s why, I went for a Balinese kale quinoa salad for my main course. It comes with roasted sweet potatoes, pomegranate and multi seeds.
The salad portion was huge, my friend even commented at how big it was. But being a real foodie and healthy food advocate, this wasn’t a problem for me at all. I actually managed to eat most of the nutritious green bowl 🙂

Honest Thoughts

Would I go back to 7 Elephants Dubai? honestly, only if my friends wanted to go, but I wouldn’t make the trip to Downtown solely for that purpose or suggest the place to anyone who’s not into smoking shisha. It’s more like a cool place to check out if you like shisha, great views and friendly service.
The salad was average and kind of dry. I don’t recall tasting any dressing or seasoning! Some of my friends would like to check out 7 Elephants Dubai and I wouldn’t mind going again with them.
My Saturday was mainly spent getting things printed for my Bali trip, grocery shopping and making something light to eat. Then in the evening, we had the Zumba challenge – two hours of the coolest old school tunes and the best fitness instructors in town.
I’m heading to the mall now to meet my dad and review The Noodle House’s new menu. So stay tuned for that and for the next reflective blog post coming this Tuesday. You can also follow me on Instagram.

Source: Saudi Feed

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