Life Goals Evaluation: An Eternal Evolution

life goals

Since coming back from Bali last Sunday, I’ve been taking time off evaluating my lifestyle and life goals.
Sometimes, we get so occupied in the rat race and trying to grow and evolve, that we completely forget the main purpose behind this daily grind and hustle.
That’s why, I’ve decided to take a step back and think: Am I investing my time, energy and money in the right place? Am I getting closer to where I want to be in the near future? Or Am I simply wasting time and effort and going nowhere?
In order for me to focus on these questions and contemplate my life goals, lifestyle and the connections in it, I took a break from my usual activities like Zumba and meeting with others. I felt the need to distance myself until I can figure things out. The valuable things that truly matter.
I need more time to reflect, evaluate and adjust. With Ramadan approaching, I think this would be a perfect opportunity for me to slow things down a bit. I’ll shift the focus on other areas of my life. Let me explain: I plan to start making meals at home during Ramadan instead of eating out. Simple dishes like healthy bowls, salads and some Thai culinary experiments.
As for my fitness routine, I plan to try out this fun hoop workout as an additional exercise to my Zumba classes. I also intend to take my first wake boarding lesson this week and continue to practice every Friday after Ramadan. Yes, as you can tell my life will come to a complete halt in the holy month.
The rest of my weekdays will be dedicated to working on the blog and writing from various spaces around town. I used to just hop from one place to another based on my personal plans for each day. But from now on, I will create a strict schedule for the work spaces that I will frequent and I will stick to it. I’m actually still looking for comfortable co-working spaces with reliable Wi-Fi in Dubai. Any suggestions?
I must admit that getting my old iPhone damaged after an unfriendly encounter with Balinese sea water has also helped a lot in eliminating some unhealthy/unnecessary connections from my life. While many people thought that it was a bad thing to happen to any person, I actually saw it as a huge blessing in disguise. Loosing my old phone contacts for good meant that I could effortlessly start a new life when back in Dubai. Only the positive, value-adding connections stay.
What have you done recently to revamp your lifestyle or daily routine? What kind of social/sporty activities did you include? How do you like to spend your evenings or weekends in the city?

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