How To Use Inspired Action For Massive Dating Success

Have you almost given up on dating? Perhaps you’ve tried all the tricks and tips in the book, but you just can’t seem to attract ‘The One.’

You are not alone—for many people, dating can be a daunting, exhausting, series of disappointments. But, what if you could have success in dating, enjoy the process, and even meet ‘The One’ by striving less? Yes, just by not trying so hard, you could change your dating experience!

The secret to successful dating is taking inspired action as opposed to forced action. Never heard about inspired action? Don’t worry—this guide will explain the concept and how you can use it to manifest a fantastic partner.

What Is Inspired Action?

inspired action

inspired action

Have you ever been in a dilemma not knowing what to do or which way to go? Then, when you least expect it, a solution comes to you usually in the form of an inner nudging to take a specific action to get the result you want? That’s how inspired action works.

When you want to attract something into your life, it is not enough to just wish, hope, and daydream about it. The physical world we live in is action-oriented—this means you have to take specific action to achieve a particular result.

That being said, there is a difference between inspired action and regular action or what we might call ego-based action. You have probably met people who quickly get what they want, come up with creative ideas, or know just when to make the next move. Whether or not they know it, these people are usually taking inspired actions.

Taking inspired action is about listening to your intuition and following the guidance of the universe. It is a silent, deep-seated knowing that a specific path is the right one to take to arrive at your desired destination. Indeed, you will know that you are taking inspired action because it will feel like the path of least resistance.

What is Ego-Based Action?

On the other hand, ego-based action is driven by low vibration energy such as anger, fear, desperation, jealousy, resentment, and other such feelings. You will know when you are taking ego-based action because it will feel like you are trying to ‘make things happen.’ Such action is often forced, fraught with striving, and doesn’t inspire pure joy in your heart.

To know whether your actions are inspired or ego-based at any given time, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Does it feel like I am trying to make things happen?
  • Do I feel excited about doing this?
  • Does this make me feel nervous and uncomfortable?
  • Is my action aligned with my values and beliefs?
  • Does it feel like I am with the ‘flow?’

When you take inspired action, you are more likely to feel excited, calm, comfortable, and in the flow.

How To Take Inspired Action To Attract Loving Relationships

finding love

finding love

There is no better opportunity to practice taking inspired action than in the exciting world of dating. When it comes to searching for romantic love, people take all kinds of actions thinking they are proactive and that it will all pay off in the end.

As we’ve seen earlier, there is nothing wrong with taking action; it is the only way to get what you want in the physical world. However, taking action just for the sake of it may not yield the results that are for your highest good.

You have probably been in a situation where you’ve been on a serious search for a significant other. So, you hop onto every single dating app, sign up on a bunch of dating sites, and attend all sorts of events just to find ‘The One.’

You probably accompany these noble actions with thoughts such as:

  • “I am running out of time, and I need to find someone now.”
  • “It’s lonely being single; I need someone immediately.”
  • “I would be so happy if I were in a relationship.”
  • “Would anyone ever want to be with me?”
  • “I only want to date a particular kind of person.

What happens?

inspired action

inspired action

You don’t find the partner you were expecting. This is a classic example of taking ego-based action accompanied by low-vibration feelings and thoughts. Your actions are coming from a place of insecurity, desperation, and low-self esteem. According to the law of attraction, it follows that you will attract situations that match your thoughts and feelings.

From your ego-based actions, you might attract a romantic partner, but you may quickly find out that they are not “The One” you wanted. Yet, the universe granted you someone who is your exact vibrational match.

Contrast this with taking inspired action to attract a romantic partner. Yes, you might hop onto a dating app or two, but these would be platforms you feel good about. You’d be having fun connecting with different people without the need to rush or invent anything. You might go to those events and enjoy your time there without feeling like you need to be with someone immediately.

Taking inspired action is about going with the flow, remaining open to the endless possibilities, and knowing that the right person will come to you just at the right time. Unlike ego-based action, you are not approaching dating from a place of desperation—after all, you know that what you want will come to you eventually.

Here are practical ways to use the law of attraction and inspired action to attract love:

Focus Only On What You Want

A mistake many of us make when it comes to using the law of attraction whether in dating or other aspects of our lives is channeling energy to the things we do not want or focusing on what we do not have.

If you are always thinking ‘I do not want XYZ’, you are going about it all wrong. The same applies to focusing on what you do not currently have. According to the natural law of attraction, like attracts like. This means, when your subconscious mind focuses on something, whether or not you want that thing, you will manifest it into physical reality.

Do you focus only on what you want to look like in the dating sphere?

Perhaps your predominant thoughts are ‘I don’t want to be alone and lonely,’ or ‘I don’t want to be this type of person’. Do you continuously ruminate on what others have, for example, how your coworker has such a great relationship yet you don’t have anyone?

When this is what you are continually thinking, saying, and proclaiming, what do you expect your lived reality to be? According to the law of attraction, you will attract more of what you do not want and what you do not have because that is where you are directing your energy!

To change your reality, you must change your thinking first. Manifesting something means focusing only on that thing that you want. If you want a vibrant love life, your work is to visualize how that life would look and feel like. Do not focus on your current lack of that life you want—you will attract more lacking. Channel your energy to what you want your ideal partner to be and the kind of life you want to enjoy with them.

Know That You Are Enough

Have you been approaching the dating game with the sense that you need someone to complete you? What has the result been? You’ve probably found yourself in less than ideal relationships or attracted dates that were not a good match after all.

However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. According to the law of attraction, you attract people, things, and situations that are a vibrational match. Needing someone to complete you is a low-level vibration driven by low-self esteem and desperation.

The universe always responds to your vibrational frequency, and it will deliver to you that which you ask for without fail. If you are in a place of needing someone to complete you, you might find yourself in a relationship but one that’s tarnished by co-dependency, which is not a trait of a healthy relationship.

To attract a healthy wholesome relationship, it is essential to change how you think of yourself. At first, this might be difficult in a world that demands perfectionism and a skewed version of success. That being said, only you can choose how you think and feel about yourself. This is what self-love is all about. You’ve probably heard the saying that you must first love yourself to love others and to attract people who can reciprocate your love.

Starting today, show yourself more compassion and grace. Make peace with not being perfect and move into a place of deep acceptance of yourself. It might take a while to accept your wholeness and worthiness fully, but you have to take that first step.

When you are OK with yourself, you’ll have more fun playing the dating game. You stand a better chance of being with people who are equally OK with themselves with whom you can share a healthy and wholesome relationship.

Focus On Bettering Your Life

inspired action

inspired action

Think about it for a minute—who is more attractive: Someone who works to improve their life or someone who doesn’t care much about ‘getting their life together?’ Without a doubt, we all want to be with someone who is committed to their personal development

Our outer life is often a reflection of our inner state of being. Our emotional state comprises of our thoughts and feelings, which influence our vibrational frequency. When you send out high-level vibrational frequencies, this will be manifested in your physical reality; your outer life will be vibrant, wholesome, successful, and blessed. This doesn’t mean that you will not encounter adversity or challenges—it just means that for the most part, you’d be living a good life.

The opposite is true for people who send out low-level vibrational frequencies. A good chunk of their life is usually characterized by crisis after crisis. Unsurprisingly, they also attract relationships that are a vibrational match—unhealthy, crisis-ridden relationships.

It follows, therefore, that for you to improve the various aspects of your outer life, you need to begin raising or shifting your vibrational frequency. Focus on bettering your physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

Only you can choose when and how to start taking the necessary actions to ‘get your life together.’

As you better your inner life, i.e. your feelings and thoughts, you will see a change in your outer life. If you are looking to improve your physical appearance, for example, by losing weight, you must first work on your mindset, including your relationship with food and your motivation to exercise regularly.

Unsurprisingly, as you work toward building a better life for yourself, you will begin to attract quality partners who are also living an equally pleasant life and are committed to their personal development.

Stay Open To Possibilities

Create space for your manifestations to gain momentum

Are you trying too hard to get the attention of a specific person? We’ve all been there—crushing on, daydreaming about, and doing everything possible just to make them ours. The problem with this is that you are attracting from a place of desperation and need. Is it any wonder that a lot of the time, we don’t end up with the person whom we obsessively crush on?

While there is nothing wrong with being attracted to a specific person, it is important to bring yourself to a place where you can genuinely say, “I am OK with or without you in my life.” This is a form of surrender, a way to break any kind of attachment, and opening yourself up to the endless possibilities that the universe avails. Remember, the universe is infinite and is always working for your highest good. As such, the person you think is the best match for you might not be. So be open to other possible partners who might be more than what you even expected in a romantic partner.

Taking Inspired Action

We have been conditioned to believe that we must strive for love. If you want something (or someone), you should indeed take action to achieve your goal. But, taking inspired action, that takes cues from the infinite wisdom of the universe, opens you up to greater success in dating and attracting your ideal partner (s).


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      Thank you for your comment. The first step when manifesting a partner is to tune into your intuition and learn to trust it. Once you’re tuned into your intuition, you can start noticing the signs from the Universe and take action based on these clues. If you want some practical steps to follow to attract synchronicity, subscribe to my Soul Collective newsletter and get a free guide on exactly this topic! this is the link for the free guide:
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