How to Make Adult Friends – By Living in The Right Place

It’s been a while since I wrote a Wellness Wednesday blog post. You can read the latest one here.

I know what it’s like to want to make new friends as an adult and feel like it’s very challenging.

Today’s post is a real-life story of how living in the right place impacts our ability to form genuine, long-lasting connections.

How to Make Adult Friends

Making friends was never something on my top priority list. For one, I’ve always found it easy to make friends and connect with others. Unlike navigating romantic relationships, which can be challenging at times, forging friendships seemed to come naturally to me.

As a result, there’s no sense of desperation, and I never actively search for friends. It’s as if they can show up at the right time, effortlessly falling into place!

After a little over thirteen years of living in Dubai, I find myself in a peculiar situation: I don’t have any friends there—zero, not a single one.

Without delving into the specifics of why this happened, I’ll keep it brief by stating that the city’s vibe simply isn’t aligned with my true self. It’s been a challenging experience.

In stark contrast, Bali is an entirely different story—a place that resonates perfectly with my personality and lifestyle. It’s an alternative, free, and laid-back paradise where I feel genuinely at home. The sense of connection I experience in Bali is remarkable and has become my ideal haven.

I made around six trips to Bali since September 2016 and on my first ever trip there, I made a friend who introduced me to another one.

So, in Bali, I have two genuine and caring friends. And I kept in contact with them throughout the pandemic.

Support Systems Matter

They are what you would call a real support system. They made sure to make it for my 43rd birthday last Saturday.

We had a wonderful chilled birthday dinner and drinks. We were catching up on life and I honestly can’t wait to see them again.

Despite their busy lives and our infrequent meetings, I always make sure to share my updates with them. It’s incredible how I feel comfortable talking to them about anything and everything.

So, if you find yourself living somewhere and struggling to establish real, genuine connections, perhaps it’s time to contemplate making a move.

Maybe travel and explore a few places that you think might be a good match to your personality and true self.

I first went to Bali on a wellness retreat and since then, I kept going back to the island and spending time more there.

I’ll end the story here and share with you some snapshots from my 43rd birthday celebration with my Indonesian friends.

Always follow your intuition and trust the process.



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