How Staying Active Helps To Manifest Your Dream Life

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I’ve been sharing my fitness journey lately on the blog and on my Twitter. Follow me there for updates. Twitter is the only social media platform that I’m still active on.

You can read the latest story from this series here.

I’m so happy to be on this journey and to start seeing results in terms of losing weight and feeling good. I feel so much lighter and healthier.

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How Staying Active is Connected to Manifestation

Interestingly, when I started being active each morning by going for long walks, I noticed how my reality began to shift positively. It feels like I’m now vibrating on a higher frequency and attracting new, positive life experiences and people.

Apart from raising your vibration to attract your future reality and person, staying active is also important.

Think of the future version of you that already has your dream life. Is she a lazy personality, or is she active and full of life?

I’m sure your future self is vibrating high, feeling fulfilled and loving. By being active, you’re matching the energy of your future self and attracting that version of you that has everything to you fast.

Who you are is so essential for manifesting your dream life.

Basically, the person you are now might not be aligned with your future self, mainly because you’re not feeling great. Maybe you feel depleted or tired from life. Maybe you’re lazy, or even worse, you feel down and depressed.

So, to get to the next vibrational level closer to your future self, start adding some activity into your daily routine. This can be anything that makes you feel good and happy.

Another interesting fact is that the Universe can’t give you the life you ask for until you become ready for it.

Try lining up with the energy of your future self by being active and seeing how your reality will start to shift.

One of the indicators that you’ve upgraded your reality is that some people from the past will fall out of your life naturally. Another thing that will happen is that you will encounter positive experiences and people wherever you go. Your reality will start shifting to a more positive one.

Don’t worry if you go through multiple phases with this. It’s all part of the journey to your dream life.

I can’t tell you how many times I went back and forth from being an active and fit person to being a lazy, miserable woman! Countless times that I stopped taking count.

The weather is getting too hot in Dubai for outdoor walks. So, I plan to do at-home cardio workouts twice a week and walk in a mall on some days.

This is the plan for the next two weeks until I travel to Bali for a month. I won’t share updates from my trip until I return to Dubai. But you can always read my Bali Adventure stories from when I spent six months there last year. And sign up to the blog for updates on my ebook launch which is happening soon!

What activities do you like to do to raise your vibration and feel good? Let me know in the comments!

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