Finding Your Why: The Key To Staying Active and Motivated

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is almost over. We’re still in the post-shadow phase until May 13.

As always, this was a time to release any connections that no longer serve us. When I thought I had already let go of all toxic friendships, I was surprised to find out that a few were left.

What’s interesting this time is that one connection was a very old friend who recently got married. I felt that she was slowly distancing herself. Lately, however, she hasn’t responded to a message that I sent her about the possibility of me visiting her town in October.

That’s when I realized something major. I’m being upgraded to a new reality, and this person isn’t meant to join me. Their presence in my life could bring me back to my old self.

This happens after years of healing work and asking the Universe to manifest your dream life and person. Old friends start to fall out of your life. But not all do—only the ones who didn’t do the work to upgrade themselves and get to the next level of reality.

I feel sad about this friendship because I didn’t want it to end. But, I keep seeing messages on social media advising me to let go when a connection feels off or distant. They suggest not forcing relationships that aren’t flowing as they once did.

I feel grateful that I’m getting close to manifesting my dream life and person. But I’m also sad that this friend has left my life and didn’t do the work to upgrade her life. I knew that she used to read books on personal growth and was into this area as much as I was!

How to Find a Way to Be Active Daily

After my last blog post about being an active morning person, I wanted to expand on this subject.

In that blog post, I shared how it took me 14 years of living in the same city to become an active morning person finally. I used to go for walks, but they weren’t consistent and never in the morning.

I discovered that there has to be a good reason and motivator for someone to change their lifestyle and become active.

Discovering my latest weight and feeling shocked did the trick! This led me to be active and then check the Fitness app on my phone for progress and motivation.

And because I’m naturally competitive, I always strive to complete the daily move goal. This reflects my personality traits, which boost my daily activity and commitment to fitness goals. This intrinsic connection empowers me to stay active and pursue my targets consistently.

I encourage you to find a motivation that resonates with your personality. So if you care about the way your body looks in the mirror, then aspire to change that by working out daily.

If you thrive in social settings and need company to stay motivated, consider finding a workout buddy. They can join you for your daily workouts and keep you engaged.

Just find a good reason that will make it easy for you to commit to a daily activity routine.

The other incredible thing about this recent change I made is that I now became one of the people I used to look at from my balcony. If you read this blog post, you will understand what I mean.

Upgrading into the version of myself I used to judge and had been separated from for the past 14 years feels surreal!

I still can’t believe I’ve become someone who jogs or walks each morning before starting the day. Now, I’m also that person who wears activewear for grocery runs, combining them with a long walk or jog before heading home.

I’m seriously laughing out loud right now because I’m still in awe and amazement at who I’ve become!

With the warmer weather in Dubai, I plan to start doing fasted walks as early as 7:00 am to avoid the high temperatures and humidity.

Tomorrow should be my first day, leaving at 7:00 a.m. as long as the weather isn’t bad. The forecast predicts rain and thunder, but let’s see what happens.

Next week, I’ll share how this active lifestyle connects directly to manifestation. So stay tuned!



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