Never Give Up on Being a Better You: A Story of Self-Improvement

It Took 14 Years!

On April 1, I celebrated exactly 14 years of living in Dubai. Today, I want to share an inspirational self-improvement story about never giving up.

I used to live in a different neighbourhood than the one I live in now. And I had a small balcony attached to my small studio. On most mornings, I used to start my days with silent meditation.

I had a table and chairs on the balcony, and I used to meditate there.

Whenever I saw people jogging or running outside, I would think to myself, “I’m sure that these people didn’t have any trauma in their lives.” Or, “They most likely didn’t have a toxic childhood.”

After eight years of living in that neighbourhood, I moved across the main highway to the hood. This time, I didn’t put a table or chairs outside. I just decided not to for many reasons. I still meditated indoors, though.

Apart from taking my belongings, clothes and other stuff, I also brought that same mindset to the new apartment.


Where I live now, there are long paths for walking or jogging. I used to look outside my balcony windows and think the same thought each time I saw people jogging or running: “I’m positive that these people didn’t have any kind of trauma in their lives, and they definitely had an emotionally healthy childhood.”

Five years passed since I moved to my new neighbourhood with the long pathways. I still wasn’t going for a morning walk, let alone run.

To be clear, I used to go for walks when I lived in the old neighbourhood. It’s just that they weren’t consistent, and they were never in the morning. I would most likely go for these walks in the afternoon or evenings! Looking back, it’s shocking that I now rarely step outside my place in the evening or even in the afternoon!

So, I would go for walks, but they were not regular and never in the mornings.

What Shifted?

After six months in Bali, I felt like I didn’t belong in Dubai. I wanted to hide in my apartment. So, from early January until very recently, I went out for coffee and groceries in the morning.

Since I take the metro and tram, I walk, but it’s not a routine and is not enough to be called an activity or workout.

About a month ago, I had a back problem, so I went to see a Chiropractor. He gave me some stretching exercises to follow and asked if I walked daily. He then went on to say that exercise should be done consistently, such as brushing one’s teeth.

Luckily, the weather in Dubai is still cool enough in the mornings for long walks. So, I started a morning walking routine that I’ve committed to (except when there was heavy rain and storms like yesterday).

The simple fitness app on my iPhone helped me stay motivated. I now aim to close the ring for my daily calorie limit. Because I’m a competitive person, I feel like I really want to reach my daily target.

Breakthrough Moment

I also weighed myself when I went to see the Chiropractor and was shocked to see the number! This is another reason why I’m committing to my daily morning walks.

The breakthrough moment came when I realized that after 14 years of living in the same city, I finally managed to be one of the people who start their day with a walk or jog!

It took me 14 years to leave the victim mindset behind and be a morning workout person!

I hope my story inspires you to make a positive change in your daily routine and to know that it’s never too late for any change, transformation, or self-improvement.




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