Healthy Eating in Dubai: Bowlful Restaurant Review

healthy eating in dubai

I’m sticking to healthy eating in Dubai on weekends because I’m eating very clean these days. This is thanks to a healthy meal plan delivery service I’m using. So, it doesn’t make sense to eat clean and healthy during weekdays and then mess it up on weekends.

Healthy Eating in Dubai – Bowlful

This weekend, I tried out Bowlful – a new healthy eating in Dubai concept. I tried their delivery service first last weekend. Then, I visited the actual restaurant for a quick and light pre-massage lunch.
Bowlful makes for the perfect lunch option for when you want to eat healthily but you’re tight on time. They have a great selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian bowls, with fresh and healthy ingredients and dressings.

My healthy eating choices

On both occasions that I tried Bowlful, I ordered ‘The Fairuz’. This is an Arabic-inspired bowl which includes baked falafel pieces, quinoa, grilled carrots and zucchini (my favorite) and a creamy avocado paste. The bowl is served with a Tahini sauce and will only add 443 to your daily calorie intake.
At only AED 55, Bowlful also makes for a reasonable lunch option. It’s pretty basic but tasty and healthy at the same time 🙂

Location & Recommendations

Located at Kitchen Nation – a culinary startup incubator – Bowlful is one of many other culinary startups. Being a startup and homegrown business supporter, I will definitely order from Bowlful again.
I don’t recommend you eat there, as the space is created mainly for takeaways or delivery. The concept revolves around the kitchen and sharing it between the different startups. It can get very noisy at the restaurant and the dining area is very basic and not designed for dine-in clients.
If you live in the neighborhood and are looking for healthy eating in Dubai options, then consider ordering a bowl of goodness from Bowlful.
Until the next post, stay healthy, active and most importantly, positive.

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