Gourmet Pizzeria in Napoli Review

In my last post, I shared about how I managed to try one of Napoli’s top pizzerias. You can read that story here.

It took me about a week to discover the best coffee shop for Cornetto and coffee in Napoli. It’s actually not located in central Napoli and I found it by doing a Google search for cafes in the Chiaia neighborhood. It’s called Caffe Sansone.

The cafe also sells specialty coffee beans and I bought two bags to use at home with my coffee machine.

Their best Cornetto is the pistachio one. It’s so soft and has a smooth and creamy pistachio filling. So good!

The cafe is small and cozy but it has a lovely vibe. I will definitely go back next year when I visit Napoli again!

Another important stop that day was my lunch at Concettina Ai Tre Santi in the famous Sanita neighborhood.

Although it was July, I managed to get a table without reservation. The place was almost full and was packed a short while after I got there.

If you’re looking for a gourmet pizza in Napoli, then this place is for you.

Everything from starters to dessert was excellent. The service was also wonderful and my waiter explained all the dishes to me with a lot of details. He was very friendly and warm. This is not a common thing in Napoli sadly.

In the evening, I got the courage to go out for drinks. I say I got the courage because Napoli is not a very safe city. And since it was my first visit to the place, I was still getting used to the way things are.

Simple things like not wearing jewelry when out in the streets and not walking in dark alleys. It was all part of the experience and I enjoyed every second of it.

L’Antiquario was my chosen cocktail bar for the night. It was just perfect.

It’s a hidden bar with a store entrance. It looks closed but there’s a bell that you have to ring so they let you in.

The mixologist makes great cocktails and I will definitely go back the next time I’m in Napoli.

I also got to know that they had a pop-up bar experience at the rooftop bar at Grand Hotel Parker’s. So that’s another idea if you’re visiting anytime soon. They have great views from that rooftop bar and I hope I can visit next year.

If you want to travel solo and are having fears, I encourage you to get over these fears and just go for it.

I share this now because I was a bit afraid to go out to a bar in the dark in Napoli. But luckily, L’Antiquario was a short walk from my hotel and I didn’t feel unsafe at all. I actually felt like my week in Napoli was a beautiful opportunity for growth. It was such a profound and unique journey.

Leaving you with some of the best shots from day six in Napoli. Stay tuned for more posts from my one-month trip to the south of Italy.


Caffe Sansone Napoli


Gourmet Pizzeria in Napoli

Amazing food


Caffe Sansone Napoli


Gourmet Pizzeria in Napoli

The latest news


Caffe Sansone Napoli


Gourmet Pizzeria in Napoli

Crema al caffe


Toffee coffee shop Napoli


gourmet dining


Gourmet Pizzeria in Napoli

Concettina Ai Tre Santi


A tasty treat


L’Antiquario Napoli


Delicious drinks

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