Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius: Time for Powerful Shifts and Letting Go

The full moon eclipse energy is so intense today. All I’m going to do is write this blog post and then do house chores and take a shower.

I’m also not feeling too well because it’s that time of the month. So feeling drained and exhausted.

We’re going through an intense period of powerful shifts and transformation.

There’s a Mercury Retrograde coming up on the 29th of May too. So we’re in the pre-retrograde shadow period.

What this means is positive change and shifts for all of us and an opportunity to get closer to manifesting our desires.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius: What Types of Shifts and Changes?

The shifts will depend on where you are in your spiritual journey and life path.

So each person is growing and learning the lessons that their soul needs to evolve and up-level.

I personally made some decisions related to boundaries. Boundaries is the main lesson that my soul needs to learn over and over again.

If you’re trying to manifest a partner, know that setting healthy boundaries in all areas of your life plays an important role in this.

You can find out more about boundaries and manifesting from this blog post.

When you start doing the deep inner work, you will be shown the way to what areas of your life need awareness and change.

Full Moons are the best times for these things to re-surface so that you can heal them and work through them.

Let me share two examples for where I decided to set firm and healthy boundaries.

  1. I made a definite decision to stop creating Instagram content. I’m not getting any return on investment from the time and energy that I invested in that platform. I was on and off Instagram for a couple of years. Most recently I was active on the platform daily for the past seven months or so. And as an entrepreneur, my time is so valuable and I should invest it wisely. So I decided to create more blog content to drive traffic to my website and just let Instagram go.
  2. I decided to stop nurturing a specific connection and relationship that was taking from my time and energy more than it gave. Because this is a personal story, I will keep it short and just say that I basically decided to cut someone from my life and end the friendship which wasn’t really giving me anything back in return. It’s a scenario where the person was trying to get free coaching and advice from me. So this had to go.

Apart from these two examples of letting things that no longer serve me go, I also feel like I’m redeeming a sense of self that I gave away to the wrong people and platform.

As an entrepreneur, it can take time to know what the best marketing strategy is and that’s OK, because I enjoy being an entrepreneur and a coach who supports others.

What I don’t enjoy and what isn’t sustainable is when other people think that they can take advantage of you and your kindness.

Although I’m very bohemian and spiritual, I’m not naive. It’s just that I’ve done so much inner work and my vibration is high.

I’m also starting to work with a coach on my upcoming book. So it’s not a wise thing to spend time creating Instagram content when I can be working on a book that will help many women. You can subscribe to stay updated with the book’s news and get a Free Manifestation Checklist here.

Life is all about change and evolution. What aspect of your life or connection are you releasing this Full Moon?

If you need more support in setting boundaries, here’s another recent blog post on the topic.

I’m off to get some rest and then do house chores. I encourage you to take things easy in the next week or so.

Listen to your intuition and see what shows up for you. Let me know in the comments what you’re ready to let go of on this powerful Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius.


Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

Full Moon Eclipse

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