Feeling unworthy in your life? Here’s why you are enough.

How was your weekend? I’m glad that weekends in the UAE are now aligned with the rest of the world. This change happened earlier this year only. Before that, our working week was Sunday to Thursday. Now it’s the same as everyone else.

I usually stay at home on Saturdays to ground and re-center myself and my energy. I also prefer to stay at home on that day since it’s busy everywhere on Saturdays.

Sundays are dedicated to my favorite activity: breakfast at a cafe and I just added a 30-minute massage to that routine. I used to book a body massage once a month. I now discovered a spa that has a Balinese therapist. So I tried that place out yesterday. I’ll be going there every two weeks for breakfast followed by a 30-minute massage.

I also plan to have lunch at a cool Japanese speakeasy bar type of place in that side of town the next time I go there.

If you’re still exploring your favorite weekend activities and ways to take care of yourself, then keep at it. It takes time to truly know your likes, dislikes and the things that light up your soul. To me, that always involves great food and a massage 🙂

You can check out my recent Wellness Wednesday blog posts for self-care rituals inspiration.

Another thing that I’m focusing on these days is my diet, which is directly linked to my gut health, skin, hair and energy levels.

I’ve been getting a very low-calorie plant-based meal plan delivered to my doorstep five days a week for the past five months or so.

And I realized after weighing myself at the spa yesterday that my weight hasn’t changed! I’m still at 70 KG! LOL

I’m not someone who cares about weight, to me it’s all about the way that my body looks and how I feel about my shape.

Well, after all these months, my belly fat is still there, although I lost the majority of my hair in the process!

So when my current subscription ends this Friday, I won’t be renewing and I’ll be going back to making my own meals at home, plus intermittent fasting. You can learn more about intermittent fasting and its benefits from this blog post.

There’s always something to work on

After investing the past five years or so in my healing and spiritual growth, I’m now focusing on my health, outside looks (hair, makeup, sense of style, etc.) and eventually on aesthetic stuff like laser hair removal and other treatments.

If you have a growth mindset like me, then you will feel like there’s always something to work on. And you might feel like you’re not worthy of being in a relationship until you do these things.

The reality is that this statement is not true. You are already worthy and lovable just as you are. It’s a positive thing to constantly work on developing yourself and on healing your past, but not to the point of feeling not worthy of love because you have to do the work first.

I still remember when I was at a QiGong retreat in Bali and we were sharing in a group setting. One of the girls shared that she doesn’t feel ready to be in a relationship right now. She implied that it’s because she wants to prioritize working on herself.

Although investing in personal and spiritual growth is important, don’t let it block you from manifesting a healthy relationship. Because this type of work has no end to it and the same goes for improving your outer looks.

I say this because I was in that trap for a long time myself. I felt unworthy of love until I did another healing workshop and sorted out my past issues. It wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to stop attending these types of workshops and started to really feel worthy from within, that I felt confident and lovable. It’s a process and I’m happy to support if you need help.

In fact, I have an entire chapter in my upcoming ebook dedicated to this topic: self-worth and how important it is for manifesting love. You can sign up for book updates here.

I’m actually submitting that specific chapter today to my book coach for editing 🙂

So excited to make this information available to you soon on my websites.

Take inspired action

So you might be wondering, if I’m already worthy then how can I manifest my person?

Two things. If you feel confident and good about yourself, you can start taking inspired action to meet men. I personally don’t use online dating because I feel like it’s not aligned with my personality. Here’s a blog post on my other blog to help you figure out the best dating strategy for your personality and true self.

The second thing that you can do if you feel like you know that you are worthy just by being you, but you have trouble tuning into this feeling of worthiness is to work with a certified coach who has been on your journey and who can support you in activating that self-worth and embodying it in your daily life. Feeling worthy is one of the essential emotions for manifesting great things in all areas of your life, not just love. And I know how difficult it can be to tune into that emotion if you experienced some type of abuse or trauma in your life.

Feel free to reach out to see if we’re a match for my one-on-one coaching, which I’m offering until mid-December of this year only.

I want to add that like you, I’m also working on taking inspired action and meeting more new people. So I can’t say that I reached a place of dating in abundance. I’m at the place of incorporating more lifestyle routines into my weekends and to living in alignment with my true self.

I admit that I was hiding in my apartment for the majority of the pandemic. For both health and safety and personal reasons. The personal ones are related to processing the intense inner child therapy work that I did in the winter of 2019.

I’m happy to say that I’m now feeling confident and I have a routine for my Sundays. I also invest a lot of time, energy and money into self-care rituals on weekdays. You can learn more about these from my Wellness Wednesday blog posts.

I’m also at a really good place when it comes to identifying which places and people are aligned with my values, true self and personality.

This is another topic for another blog post. For now, let me know, are you feeling worthy and confident about yourself? Do you feel lovable and worthy of a magical relationship? Or do you make all kinds of excuses for why you’re not ready to meet men and date?

Like when I finish that other important healing workshop or online course. Or when I have time off of my demanding job. Or when my kid (or kids) are older.

Life is in the here and now. Remember to live it and to feel worthy right now. Don’t procrastinate your joy and happiness. You deserve a magical life and relationship. Now.


feeling unworthy

Feeling unworthy? Heres how to feel worthy

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