Fast-track Manifestation Rule: Be Specific

I did a poll today on my Instagram stories asking my community if they were already seeing signs about their desire.

The majority that voted said that they’re still not at the stage where they’re seeing clues and signs.

This is why I thought of sharing a tip today about how you can attract clues and signs about your desire.

Law of Attraction is All About Being Specific

When I first started manifesting using LOA, like you, I wasn’t really seeing any evidence that my desire is on its way.

And when you’re in that stage of manifestation, it can be really tough to progress to the next stage – because you’re doubting the process!

And when you doubt the process, it doesn’t work. So you stay stuck in a loop.

One way to get out of this loop is to work with a manifestation coach who can support your journey.

Another reason working with a coach can help is that you want to have expanders (people who can see your potential and make you believe in yourself and in your dream life).

I’ll be writing another post about expanders soon.

For now, I want to share that if you feel called to work with a certified coach, my one-on-one coaching sessions are now open for the month of April. I offer both online and in-person (in Dubai) coaching. You can find out more by visiting my Soul Collective site.

If you want to start seeing signs and clues about your manifesting, you want to be crystal clear about what you want.

The law of attraction works faster when you ask for something specific. For example, I’m asking for a specific nationality for the man that I’m manifesting.

This nationality choice didn’t come from my mind. It came through spiritual signs and clues.

And these spiritual signs and clues came because I developed my intuition through meditation and other mindfulness practices.

You can explore practical tips for developing your intuition from this blog post.

As you can see, using the law of attraction to manifest is a journey and a process.

When done right, it can be so exciting and fun!

Like these days, every time I step outside of my apartment, I see powerful signs about my manifestation.

What this does is bring my desire closer to me, because seeing evidence helps me lean into trust and surrender.

It makes me live from a place of trusting and knowing that my desire is on its way and that all I have to do is be open to receiving it and take inspired action!

You are Probably Seeing Signs Too!

We are all manifesting all the time. What most people miss out is the awareness of the signs.

Each one of us is already on a path of manifesting our dream life or partner. We’re manifesting every single moment of our days.

The difference is that some people don’t have the intuition that goes with seeing the manifestation signs.

This is mainly because most of us were conditioned to live from a place of being in the mind.

What you can do is reactivate your intuition so you can start tuning into the Universal energy and flow.

And when you start living from a place of flow and surrender, things start to happen so fast!

You’ll start seeing back-to-back signs about your dream life or partner. And you start to follow these signs and eventually manifest the big thing!

Fast-Track Manifestation

Let me know if you’re struggling with seeing evidence about your desire (whether it’s a dream life or partner).

I would love to support you and create more content about this.

For now, try noticing the signs that help you get specific and crystal clear about your desire.

Let me know in the comments how your manifestation journey is going!


Fast-track manifestation

Be specific when manifesting

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