Everything is Connected: Finding Harmony Amid Misalignment

Last Thursday’s Thoughts Story

If you missed the last Thursday Thoughts story, you can read it here. This blog post was about an important milestone in my healing journey, where I finally integrated all the inner child healing work.

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Everything is Connected

If you’re experiencing misaligned or negative experiences and are wondering why they’re happening, let me assure you that everything is part of the manifestation process.

When I was in Bali, I met a local coffee shop founder. She shared with me how she lives in Dubai for part of the year. She opened her Bali cafe recently, and she mentioned that she’s been living in Dubai for a little over a decade.

As an entrepreneur, she focused on growing her business, and the conversation was about marketing her new coffee shop and products.

Since I live in Dubai, the business-focused mindset is something that I escaped from.

So, while we were chatting, I wondered why I attracted this personality type, especially since I left Dubai for Bali for six months! It was an unexpected and strange encounter.

Messages Are Everywhere

I also met her husband, who she introduced me to at the cafe. He also lived and worked in Dubai. The entire conversation felt misaligned since I’m free-spirited, and I wouldn’t say I like business talk.

While talking with her husband, he mentioned the Kintamani area and how I should visit. The topic came up since they have a coffee bean roastery in Kintamani or something. I forgot the details, but basically, her husband was suggesting that I visit Kintamani.

After that encounter, I wondered why I attracted Dubai people to Bali! I was truly frustrated because I didn’t want to feel the Dubai business vibe on a laid-back island like Bali.

A few weeks later, I visited Kintamani with Gladis and her family. It was the most surreal experience – mainly because I had an emotional release after that trip.

What I felt was the most random and misaligned encounter of my six-month Bali move turned out to be a step towards the most profound healing experience.

In essence, everything in our lives is connected. Even misaligned or negative encounters are part of the ascension process. Every encounter and experience leads to your dream life.

Trust the Process

So the next time you experience something annoying or frustrating, trust that even that uncomfortable part leads you to your dream life and person.

Happy Thursday, and stay tuned for more insightful and exciting stories!



everything is connected

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