Embracing a Softer Look: Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment

Since this year’s intention revolved around embracing my feminine essence and focusing on my appearance, I’ve been exploring ways to style my hair for some time. You can read a blog post about my 2022 new year intentions here.

Let me share a timeline. I started looking at different options to style my hair at the start of the pandemic. This was the season when we all had some free time and we looked at ways to learn new skills or improve old ones.

I did many new things like own my first indoor plant (a cactus), started cleaning my home on my own, stopped giving my bed sheets to laundry and I was even coloring my own hair at home for about a year!

One of the beautiful things about this pandemic is that it gave us all time to reflect and think. My appearance and physical looks were part of major breakthroughs that I had during this season.

Let me explain. I had friends (who are no longer friends) and a matchmaker comment on my hair. I want to tell you that your personal appearance and looks are no one else’s business. No one has the right or permission to comment about your looks in a negative way. If they do, you have the right to call them out or even better, cut them out of your life.

I learned this lesson the hard way. So I’m sharing it with you because I believe it’s important especially for empaths and highly sensitive people. Never allow any human being to comment negatively on your physical looks or share their unsolicited advice with you. Don’t allow anyone to share their thoughts on how you should style your hair or improve your skin texture. Period.

Your hair and skin (and other physical traits) are yours to decide what to do with. It’s no one else’s business. Always remember that. My upcoming book has an entire chapter on setting boundaries so stay tuned for when it’s out!

What I tried in the Past Two Years

Like I said, I experimented with styling my hair at home since the start of the pandemic. I bought multiple heat-styling tools. I tried a couple of them and I thew away all except the two latest ones.

After two years of exploring ways to style my fine curly hair at home, I concluded that I can’t do it. It’s not working and it’s damaging for the hair.

After all the experimenting, I decided to try another Keratin treatment. This time, I did my research.

I’ve tried several Keratin treatments in the past. The most recent was Kerastraight in June of last year. It was disappointing and it didn’t last.

Then, while researching treatment options, I came across an article that mentioned Goldwell’s Kerasilk treatment. It was my first time to hear about it, because it’s only available at salons that use the Goldwell products.

And although I’ve been going to different hair salons since 2010, I never came across this specific Keratin treatment. Mainly because I somehow wasn’t visiting a salon that used the Goldwell hair products range.

So I checked the Goldwell Middle East Facebook page. And through one of their posts, I browsed the list of salons that are associated with the brand. I was familiar with one salon that was near the salon where I currently go for my haircut and color.

I contacted them to ask about the treatment and then booked a consultation with the stylist. I’m so grateful that I managed to get an appointment with the stylist because she was leaving on vacation soon and was returning on the day when I leave for my first trip.

Without getting into details of how the treatment went, I will say that I’m so happy with the results so far. I waited to write this review after I wash my hair to show you how it looks without styling.

My goal from the Keratin Kerasilk treatment was to loosen my curl pattern and to get rid of the frizz in my hair.

I didn’t want to have straight hair. All I wanted was to have smooth, frizz-free hair that I can let dry naturally and go outside with.

In the past, I had to keep my hair in a ponytail for most of the time, because my curls were so tight and frizzy.

I now have hair that looks presentable and I can let it dry naturally (I apply a leave-in cream) and go outside.

The Goldwell Kerasilk treatment is estimated to last from three to five months. I will keep you posted on how long mine does.

I honestly am so happy with the result that I plan to get it done again once it fades (this depends on how often I wash my hair and use the products).

There’s a shampoo and conditioner that you can use to maintain the results. And it’s recommended that you don’t wash your hair too often.

Here are some of the pictures from the day of the treatment (last Thursday) and one picture showing my hair after I washed it and allowed it to dry naturally.

Have you tried any Keratin treatments for your hair? If so, which ones? Do you struggle with your hair? Is your hair naturally smooth and manageable? Do you get comments from other people on your appearance? How does this make you feel?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!


Pre-Kerasilk treatment


Post Keratin Treatment and styling


Keratin Treatment

Goldwell Kerasilk treatment review


Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment: Embracing a softer look

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