Lifestyle Sunday: Eatery Review: El Mostacho in Dubai

Do you dream of visiting Mexico and have this on your bucket list? If you still didn’t get around to making that vision a reality, worry no more. Dubai has the answer!

El Mostacho in Dubai

Take a trip to El Mostacho. It’s located in Dubai’s favorite foodie neighborhood – JLT. I arrived there and was instantly You’ll be transported to the heart of Mexico as soon as you step inside the door.

Founded by two Mexican brothers, El Mostacho is the ultimate authentic foodie eatery. It serves mostly street food bites like tacos, burritos, chilaquiles, soups and homemade non-alcoholic drinks.

Isaac Mendoza was also the founder of La Taqueria DXB and other Dubai-based, authentic Mexican food concepts. I chatted with him and he explained the concept behind the brand and restaurant. El Mostacho stands out from other Mexican eateries in Dubai because of their commitment to serving good value homemade Mexican food. It’s a great place to sit and relax in.

My Eating Experience

The cozy and beautifully-decorated El Mostacho in Dubai opens at 11:00 am. I went to try the newly launched breakfast tacos, made with gluten-free, corn tortillas. Their Mexican Chef makes these light and tasty corn tortillas from scratch. Similar to the homemade tortillas, all the salsas used for the tacos and burritos are freshly made in their kitchen by roasting tomatoes to perfection. I must warn you though, the medium spicy salsa is highly addictive. It’s especially tasty when teamed with the super light and crunchy chips.

I ended my heavenly breakfast with the restaurant’s signature “impossible” cake. This is a combination of chocolate and flan baked goodness in one piece of cake. Hence the name “impossible”.

I initially ordered food to be delivered from El Mostacho. Since the first taco bite I’ve been a loyal client. I’ll certainly continue to satisfy my taco cravings at this authentic JLT spot. Even more so now that I’ve been to the eatery. It’s great to know this Mexican food is made by a genuine Mexican Chef.

Eatery Location

El Mostacho in Dubai is located in Silver Tower, JLT on the ground floor. It is within walking distance from the JLT Metro Station.

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