Why Creating a Weekly Self-care Ritual Can Change Your Life

I’m so glad that today marks the end of the post-Retrograde shadow period. This past Mercury Retrograde was so intense and last night, I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor. Luckily, it wasn’t damaged but I knew that this was Mercury Retrograde signing out – with a big bang.

On Friday, I’ll be cleansing my place with sage and cleaning the floor. Time to welcome a new energy and beginnings.

Traumatic Full Moon Story

I won’t share the story now because I want to keep it for a future post. But I basically had a traumatic health incident post a dental hygienist visit last Thursday. I’ll share the story soon. This past full moon was also intense and so many crazy things kept happening. How was it for you?

I honestly have so many topics for a Wellness Wednesday blog post but they are deep and I don’t feel like writing a deep story today.


Weekly Self-care Ritual

So I decided to keep things simple and remind you to create a self-care ritual for yourself. Let’s start with a weekly ritual. To make it doable, think of how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.

For example, I shared in a previous post about an IV drip session that I got recently. I can reveal the name of the clinic once I see results – I just started with them. I’ll be going back next week for my second IV therapy session.

You can read that blog post here. As a way to stay committed to my weekly self-care ritual, I dedicate one day a week for my IV drip appointment and doctor followup (when needed).

To make this a true ritual, I visit the hotel’s lobby lounge terrace for a pink detox juice and coffee. Yes, coffee is a must for me!

It just happened that I manifested a clinic with professional staff, that’s located in a five-star hotel. I know, Dubai luxury lifestyle 🙂

This is the power of trusting the process. I have to mention that back in 2018, I visited another functional medicine doctor (after a referral from someone) and the location was on the other side of town from where I lived. Plus, the female doctor was grieving her husband’s death and she couldn’t find the root cause of my symptoms (even after we did countless blood tests and a breath test).

That clinic experience was negative. But I share it to say that your life improves when you work on your energy and inner world.

You’re always manifesting. But your manifestation depends on your current vibration and energy. 

That’s exactly why I manifested that functional doctor who couldn’t help me on my health and wellness journey. Because that reality was a match to my energy and vibration at that time. That’s why I attracted it.

Fast forward to 2022. After doing and integrating inner child therapy work, plus many other energy healing workshops, my reality has shifted and I’m now surrounded by people and experiences that are aligned with my new energy and vibration.

Does this make sense? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments.

Back to the weekly self-care ritual story, to make my weekly routine even more sacred, I visit the hotel’s lobby lounge terrace before or after the clinic appointment.

This morning, I only saw the doctor at 11:00. So I left home early and I arrived to the hotel at around 9:40 am. I headed to the terrace and I sipped on fresh detox juice with the sounds of birds surrounding me. The place is so peaceful and I had birds literally flying over my table. It felt so zen. I also booked a nail appointment and did a few other things while I waited for my appointment time.

This one hour or so of my day makes such a huge impact to my wellbeing. It’s so simple yet so profound.

By investing in yourself and prioritizing your health and wellbeing, you’re also setting standards for others and building your self-worth.

All of this is explained in detail in my upcoming ebook – which will be launched soon on my website, so stay tuned and sign up for updates.

For now, try to dedicate your time for one weekly self-care ritual and commit to it. Think of something that you can incorporate into your routine and make it a habit.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. I’m happy to answer them!

Until then, sign up to the blog and stay tuned for exciting stories and tips. I have so many cool stories in store.

Self-care is sacred


Prioritize your health and wellbeing

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